Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016
Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

Friends first of all I welcome you to me this new post of Hacking android games. Friends today we are with a very interesting topic that is the Top and best android apps of 2016 to hack into android games and app easily in 2016. 

As all of us know that android is the most popular and the most widely used operating system of the world it is used all over the world and do you know who give the power to the android that is the Google yes Google is the developer of the android operating system that’s why it is the mostly used operating system of the world. With this reward I mean the mostly used operating system of the world Android has many features the biggest of them is the presence of play store in android devices yes play store is one of the main feature of the android operating systems that’s why it is too much popular with its populate its app and games are multiplied the companies which create and publish android apps for us are not free to work them get money either by use by selling us their products(Apps And games) or give use free App and games but how did those companies earn which provide us free apps so friends these companies earn by showing the ads on the app they create first they get approval for the apps from the Google once the Google has given them approval for ads scene on their app they publish the apps as free and we can use them that’s why they provide us free of cost apps.

About Article

Friends this article is totally about hacking android games using some apps but the question is why we want to hack into any android game so in my views I hack android game to get free coins or to get free $ that is the main reason for which some users hack the android game, there may be some levels of android which cannot be cleared easily for this purpose android apps can be used which are specially designed to pass certain levels and game get into the next levels with full credit.

Some apps are working on rooted android devices they can hack almost all kind of games in fact they can also help you to hack and download some paid games so you should try them.


Friends this article is just for the sake of education please do not use this to  hack any paid or free game if you do anything I will not held responsible so do everything on your own responsibility.

Let’s Start The List of These Cool Apps Which can hack almost all kind of games.

1. Hack Android Games using Gamecih
Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

Friends this is the top one app for hacking and cracking android games and apps this is the one of the mostly used and super app which can hack almost all kind of games and apps. By using this app you can change the properties of your android games I mean you can change the coins, scores and even clear the levels easily with full credit so you can also bet with your friends to clear a hard game with full starts using this app because it can do many things easily.

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Your phone’s version must be more than android 2.3
Your phone must be properly rooted.

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Important Note:
Friends this app is working of all rooted android devices but in some games and apps it cannot work I have tested this app personally it can hack a number of games so if this does not work on your app or game then please use any other app for this purpose.


There are 2 versions of this amazing hacking app available on the market but the most popular is new one so downloads that from the link given below.

2. Hack Android Games and app using Lucky Patcher

Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

This is the another popular and mostly used app for hacking and cracking android games and app. The main feature of this app is that you do not have any need to root your android phone. This app is not only used to hack into android games but it can also be used to hack and remove permission, remove android ads, block ads, create another backup of the android app and many more thus it is my favorite app for hacking android games and apps. 

Benefits of Lucky Patcher OverGamecih
Lucky Patcher
It can also create backup of android games
It cannot create backup of android games.
It can remove ads from android apps as well as games
It cannot remove ads from android app and games
It can be used to hack the game
It can also be used to hack into many games
It can remove permission from most of the android games
It cannot remove permission from android games.
It is my favorite app for cracking and hacking android games and app.
It use it for just testing I do not like it as I like the Lucky Patcher.
So the Lucky Patcher is the best.

How to use Lucky Patcher

Friends as I said that Lucky Patcher is my favorite android app so I have created an separate article on Lucky you should try that.

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As I said it is the best app you can also come to know that when you will try this so you can download this app from the link given below.

3. Hack Android Games X Mod Games

Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

So friends this is also a super app for hacking and cracking then android games and app but the main problem with this app is that it is difficult to use if you want to use this you just need to read its guidelines I will provide you the full tutorial of X mod games that will be how to use this amazing tool.

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Do you know that why X mod games is the popular because it can hack many games either they are offline or online such as clash of clans, clash of kinds and many other games I have also tested on my own android device and hack the 8 ball poll game it is brilliant to hack games if you want to hack games then I said you that it is the best app for this purpose but you need to read it’s guidelines.


  • Friends to use this tool you must have android operating system 2.2 or higher.
  • Your device must be properly rooted.

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Friends you can download the X Mod Games tool from the link given below. This link is directly taken from the play store.

4. Hack Android Games And Apps Using SB Game Hacker

Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

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Well friends this is another best tool to hack into the android games and apps it is specially designed to hack games and to clear the hard and difficult levels of your favorite android games. It can hack and clear almost all kind of android games in seconds. The major source of its popularity is that it can also be used on ISO as well as android. 


The basic requirements of this app is your phone must be rooted and you may use any android from 0 to 5 it does not mean which device you use you just need rooted device. SO to use this app first root your android device then try this amazing app.

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Friends if you like this tool and want to test this then you can use this tool by downloading from the link given below and if you use this please tell me about this tool because I have not tested this.

5. Hack android games and apps using Cheat Engine
Top Best Android Apps Of 2016 To Hack Android Games App In 2016

 As it is clear by the title of the app the “Cheat Engine” it is just for the sake of cheating and hacking android games and app it is also specially designed to clear and hack the android games easily. By using this app you can clear or skip those levels which you do not want to play in some games you cannot play the next level until you pass the first levels so you can use this tool to hack into the games and easily skip your desired game level.

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  • This app is similar like other app so your android is also rooted and should be upper then 3.6


Friends if you want to try this app you can download and install this from the link given below. I have not tested this app personally so if you use this please inform me about the performance of this app by commenting.

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