Speedup Your Android Device By Blocking Background Apps

Speedup Your Android Device By Blocking Background Apps

Speedup Your Android Device By Blocking Background Apps

Android is one of the frequently used OS in the world. Android phone has many features, and if we want to use any other feature on Android, for example, I want to edit a photo on Android, it provides a simple photo editor, but if we want to edit photos like a professional then we can use some apps for editing our photos. So the features of the Android can be increased be increased by using some apps.

But there is a problem most of the apps installed in our android run in a background process and uses the RAM and processor of our Android device. This reduces the efficiency of our Android device that’s why our devices become slow and slow but everybody like a super-fast Android device. If your Android phone has low RAM then read my this article to increase the RAM of your Android device for free.

Is there any method to block the apps to run in the background process? Yes, there is a straightforward and easy way to prevent all the unnecessary background apps from running on your device.

Speedup Your Android Device By Blocking Background Apps

There are many methods to do this task; all are completed by using some apps which help you to block all the unnecessary apps. Some apps run on rooted phones while some run on non-rooted phones. I have given the both methods.

Block Background Android Apps without Root Using Developer Options

This is the very easy, straightforward and neat trick here we will not use any app, so it is better than any other method. To learn just follow the steps:-

Step 1: – Enabling the Developer Mode

For using developer’s option to block unwanted apps you have to enable the Developers Mode. To let this just go to Settings then Developers Mode and then enable it.

In some phones, Developers Mode is hidden so Go to Settings then about phone and then build number and tap on build number for 7-12 times to enable the developer’s mode.

Step 2: – Setting the Background Process Limit

When you have enabled the Developer’s mode then go to the Settings then Developer’s option there you have to scroll down you have to find “Background Process Limit.”

Step 3: – Blocking the Background Processes

When you have found the “Background Process Limit” tap on that, in the popup menu select “No background processes.

That’s all you have successfully block the background process on your Android device without rooting your device.

Do You Know:
The background apps reduces the life of your device, if you take them serious then your device will never get hanged.

Block Background Android Apps in Rooted Phones Using Greenify App

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Greenify is a specially designed app for blocking the background processes of the Android phone. This app does not work in the manner as the other apps work in fact it block the background apps on that time when the app is entirely free and has no use. More ever it also stores the cache of the apps that reduces the consumption of battery and reduces a load of apps on the RAM. This app is better than using the Developers Options, but a rooted device is needed.

Step 1: – Download & Installation of Greenify

First of all, you have to download and install the Greenify app in your rooted android phone and install it.

Step 2: – Giving the Super User Access

After installing the app just launches it and give it the super user access over your phone to make it working.

Step 3: – Selecting & Closing the Apps

Now click the + button located on the top of the app and select all those apps which you uses frequently. After that just click the tick button now all the apps will be automatically blocked from the background process when you will use and close them.

So it was totally about How to Block Apps from Running in the Background on Android. You can now block all the background apps of your Android phone and will be able to make that work faster and increase the battery life. I hope you can now prevent all kind of background process on your rooted and non-rooted phones.


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