How to use whatsapp on your computer without any software new 2016

How To Use WhatsApp On Your Computer Without Any Software New 2016

Welcome back to All Tech Craze today in my this article I am going to tell you how to use WhatsApp on your PC, Laptop or Computer without any software.

Friends do you know that we can use WhatsApp on our computers and Laptops without any software. You must have searched on the internet but you definitely not found this type of article that how to use WhatsApp on your PC without any software. WhatsApp is a very famous android app which is now also available for and type of device on which internet can be connect or WhatsApp can be used. So its softwares are also available for the computer but we are not going to use any kind of software. So

Let’s Make It Happen!

1    First of all you need to connect your android phone which you use for WhatsApp.

2 When you connect to your PC enable/ON Internet Connection/Data Connection on your android phone.

3    Now go to through any browser of your PC.

4   When the site is open you will find a QR code scan that code with your android phone.

5    When the code is scanned put your phone in your hand and to WhatsApp and then choose Web Client option from there.

6     Now you can see all you conversations on you PC.

Note:- When you are finish don’t forget to “Logout” WhatsApp from your PC.

That’s All You Have Done!


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