How To Use Attractive & Cool Fonts On Facebook & WhatsApp

How To Use Attractive & Cool Fonts On Facebook & WhatsApp

How To Use Attractive & Cool Fonts On Facebook & WhatsApp
How To Use Attractive & Cool Fonts On Facebook & WhatsApp

Use attractive, cool and different fonts on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and on all the other social sites which you uses using cool fonts app for android phone.

Nowadays everybody in using social sites some of us like to use Facebook, some like to use WhatsApp, and some like to use other social sites. But there is a problem with all of the social sites that if we want to share something I mean if you want to post a status, send a message or anything of this kind you have to use the default font of that site. But I know that you have also seen some statuses on friends Facebook or on WhatsApp messages which are using fonts that are not present in the Facebook or WhatsApp. Your friends are using that fonts if you are also interested to use that particular font then you will search the Google “How To Use Attractive, Cool, and other fonts on Facebook or WhatsApp”, but will not found any query worth because most of the results will tell you to use Fonts on your Facebook or WhatsApp using scripts which can harm your computer or device where you will use them.

How To Use Attractive And Cool Fonts on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social sites

The method here I am going to describe is quite straightforward and easy and will take a little time for the first time. We will not use any scripts or anything other of this kind, in fact, I am going to use an app which can be used to post a status on Facebook or send a message on WhatsApp very efficiently using attractive fonts.

Steps To Attractive And Cool Fonts on Facebook & WhatsApp

Step 1. We will use an app, so you have need of an android phone.
Step 2. Click here to download and install the Cool Fonts Application on your Android device.
Step 3. After installing the app just launch it and you will see a list of attractive, fresh and funky fonts, just select one from then which you think is good.
Step 4. Cool Fonts Application will show a new screen where you can write the messages if you do not want to write your message then just copy any message and can paste it in the keypad to change the font and can share on your Facebook, WhatsApp or on any other social site you use.
Step 5. After writing the message, you will like to share it so just select one of the social icons at the bottom of your messages.
Step 6. That’s it you have successfully posted the neat and attractive font on your favorite social site.

So, friends this was all about How To Use Attractive Cool Fonts On Facebook & WhatsApp, by using the method you can amaze your friends and can also challenge to share this type of status on their social accounts. If you use Facebook, then you can share this kind of fonts on Facebook to make your friends to read your status because the attractive font will attract several peoples.

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