How to unlock/reset pattern screen lock on android new 2016

How To Unlock/Reset Pattern Screen Lock On Android New 2016

     Friends today in my this article I am going to show you how can you unlock pattern screen lock on your android phone.

     Sometimes we set pattern screen lock on our android phones for security purpose but as we are humans we forget that pattern and we face difficulty while opening that pattern but don’t worry I will teach you a very simple and most useful method to unlock your pattern in just maximum 2 minutes. So

Let’s Make It Happen!

Method 1)
Unlock Pattern With Your Email Account.

1. Try at least 5 times to unlock the pattern after that it will show you a message “You have incorrectly draw your pattern 5 times”

3. Now in the lower left corner you will see a option like “Forget Pattern” click on that option.

4. It will ask you your Email and Password which you have used in your android phone just enter Email and Password.

5. Your android phone will check your email and password which you have entered and you can reset your Password.

Method 2)

Unlock Pattern Without Your Email Account. (Data Lose)

1. First of all switch off your android and wait for just 5 seconds.
2. Now press “Volume Up + Home Key + Power Key” together until your phone start booting.
Note: If your android phone has not “Home Key” then you can use “Volume Up + Volume Down + Power Key” together until your phone starts booting.
3. A screen like DOS will appear with different option use “Volume Keys” to scroll down and up in the menu and find. “Restore Factory” “Defaults” or “Delete All User’s Data” according to your android phone.
4.  Now you need to Reboot your android so scroll down and click on the Reboot option (Whatever your android has option)
5.  Now when your android will start it will not show any type of password field or pattern lock you have turned off all the security options but your data has been lose.
Method 3 ) 
Unlock Password or Pattern Without Losing Data ( For Rooted Devices)
1) First of all you need to download “Aroma File Manager” (You can download this app in any device) << click here. >>
2) Now copy the “Aroma File Manager” in your memory card and inset the card in your android phone.
3) Now press “Power Key + Volume Up” together for entering into your android’s “Stock Recover” if these keys does not work then you can use Google for finding your device’s “Stock Recovery” keys.
4) In the “Stock Recovery” select the “Install Zip From SD Card” option and select the “Aroma File Manager”
5) You need to flask the selected file.

6) Aroma will open in the recovery mode.
7) In the “Aroma File Manger” go to “Settings” > “Scroll to last option” > click on “Auto mount All Devices On Start”
8) Repeat the step No. 4 and 5 once again.
9) Now you will get the “Aroma File Manager” opened.
10) Now find “Data Folder” > “System Folder” and their find “Gesture.key” or “Password.key” for and delete them (There will only one if there are two then delete both)
11) Now exit the “Aroma File Manager” and Reboot your android phone once again.
12) When your device get started you will see a Pattern/Password field whatever you have set on it type any Password/Pattern and unlock your android phone without data lose. 
Note: In the step No. 12 the Password/Pattern which you will enter that will your new Password/Pattern.

That’s All You Have Done!


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