How to Track Facebook Profile Visitors 2017

Facebook is used by millions of the people all over the world. Since all of us are much curious about our privacy on Facebook, so we try to keep everything in our knowledge which happens there. That is why a very popular but interesting question arises in the minds of Facebook users, and that question is who has visited his profile. We all visit the profile of our friends in one way or other, but most of the users just don’t know that who has visited your profile.

On the internet, you can find thousands of such apps and software which say, Facebook profile visitors app or Facebook visitors checker. But most of them are fake or paid and when you can check who has visited your Facebook profile without any software then why you have the need to spend time on using this software (apps) and check who has visited your Facebook profile.

Today I have brought a very useful and simple method which you can easily follow and can find who has visited your Facebook profile.
The method we are going to use is not officially originated by the Facebook itself. Instead, we are going to reveal the Facebook profile visitors using Facebook view code. Believe me, you will find this method to find the Facebook profile visitors very straightforward and cool.

How to Track Facebook Profile Visitors 2017

To track the Facebook profile visitors you just need to follow the steps described below.

  1. Go to Facebook and login with you Email and Password.
  2. After successful login go to your Facebook profile.
  3. Once you are on your Facebook profile press CTRL + U keys together OR right click and select View page source.
  4. When page source, page loads then press CTRL + F to open the search box, and type AvailableListInitialData and hit the enter key.
  5. The search box will search for this text in the source code and will highlight that particular text available in the code of origin.
  6. Below this line you will see some codes like 100001969190238 this is the profile ID of that friend who has recently visited your Facebook profile.
  7. To find which particular friend that was, just past that profile ID after the URL of Facebook i.e. www.facebook.com/100001969190238 and hit the enter key.
  8. Now you will get into the profile of that Facebook visitor who has visited your Facebook profile.
  9. In the same way, you can go to the profile of each of your Facebook friends one by one who has visited your Facebook profile.
  10. But, remember in this list all of the friends are not listed who has visited your Facebook profile. These friends will be the most recent. Facebook automatically removes the old visitors of your Profile.
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So, this was a straightforward and easy method to track the Facebook profile visitors of your Facebook profile. Using this method, you don’t need to download any app or software on your computer to check who is viewing your Facebook profile.
If you have any kind of problem, then don’t hesitate to ask me. I will be euphoric to help you. And, and please share this great method to track the Facebook profile visitors with your friends too.

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