How to set password on USB without any software new 2016

How To Set Password On USB Without Any Software New 2016

       Friends today in my this article I am going to show you how can you set password on your USB (Universal Serial Bus) without any type of software.

       Why do we need to set passwords on our USBs? Friends we do so to protect our personal data from our friends or from our enemies. As the technology is increasing the number of the new developing things like app and software is also increasing which is causing the stealing the data from other computers and USB. That’s why we need to set passwords on out pen drives (USB) to prevent the stealers from stealing our data. Friends do you know for this purpose (Setting passwords on Drives) many software are being developed and many are available but all of these have any security hole from your passwords may be Hacked. But the method you are going to learn now is very simple, easy and software free yes you do not need any software for this purpose. So

Let’s Start

1.    First of all go to the “Start” then click the search and type “Bitlocker Drive Encryption”then press enter key. It will show you a option in the apps section. (For better understanding look below pic)

2.    When you click on the app (Found by search results) it will open in control panel’s windows.
3.    Choose the drive which you want to lock with password. Click “Turn on Bitlocker” option.

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4.    Now wait for some time let the Bitlocker do its work.

5.    After that it will ask you “Choose how do you want to unlock this drive”click on the “Use a password to unlock this drive” and then enter your Password (Password must be at least 6 digits long) then click on the “Next” button.

6.  Now in the next option “How do you want to back up your recovery key” select second option “Save to a file” then press “Next” button.

7.    Now it will create a file with the backup keys and you have to save these files in any location of your PC then click “Save”button.

8.    Now in the new option “Choose how much of you drive encrypt”Select the 1st option because it is the best option and faster then the 2nd click “Next” button.

9.    Now click the “Start Encrypting”button and then wait for some time while it encrypts your drive.

That’s All You Have Done

Now Your Drive (USB) is password protected.

Now How To Cut Password From Your USB  Drive

Friends now if you want to remove the password from the selected drive. Just Follow me again.
1.    Follow the first three steps but in the 3rd step choose “Turn off BitLocker”.

2.    A new window will open select “Turn off BitLocker”.

3.    Wait for some time let the Bitlocker decrypt your selected drive.

That’s All You Have Done
Now Your Drive Is Not Password Protected


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