How To See Saved Wifi password on Android 2016

How To See Saved Wifi password on Android 2016

See Saved Wi-Fi Password On Android Phone

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This happens many times that we forget our Wi-Fi password especially when we use more than one Wi-Fi at any place on it the difficulty increases more when our friends ask for the Wi-Fi password and we are forget that so this article is very important for you if you forget your Wi-Fi passwords.

This article is for the purpose of study by this you can learn to get your forgetful Wi-Fi password which is saved on your android phone.

Let’s Make This Happen!

Step Number 1

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First thing you need to have a good file explorer you can download one from the given.

Step Number 2
Go to the

  • File manager/android/data/wifi/ 


  • File manager/android/data/misc/wifi/ 

directory, depending on the device your are using.

Step Number 3

  • If your devise has this path /data/wifi/ then find a file names as “bcm_supp.conf” 

  • If your devise has this path /data/misc/wifi/ then find a file named as “wpa_suppliciant.conf”

Step Number 4
Once you have find one of the file mentioned above you need to open it with any File explorer you can open it with the above mentioned file explores.

Step Number 5 

When you open the file you will see many data there you have to find the given sequence of data. You can see your currently used Wi-Fi password by the ssid on the network and there will be the password on its down.


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See Saved Wi-Fi Password On Android


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