How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook

How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook

Facebook is a very big network having too many numbers of users there and about more than one billion accounts on Facebook most of the peoples in Facebook are real but there are also some fake accounts present on Facebook. Block all the Fake accounts on Facebook easily by just reporting these accounts on the Facebook in 2016 easily.

Facebook is trending very much every user of the Facebook is enjoying this great social site very much. All of us are using Facebook, but sometimes we see some accounts on Facebook or receive some friend requests which are similar to our friends or relative’s profiles which are either fake or duplicated.
We cannot directly block those accounts but we can do something one is to inform our Facebook friends whose profiles are being copied, and the second is to prevent that account from reporting that Facebook account as fake to the Facebook.
When we tell our friends whose profiles are copied they can inform their all other friends that there is a fake account with his profile name, please do not accept any request from that account but the second is to get that account blocked by the Facebook. This method is 100% working but always remember Facebook is very smart if you try to block someone’s else account by reporting Facebook that account as fake that account will not be blocked unless that is fake. Because Facebook will not block any user directly, in fact, it will check that account which is reported to be blocked if there is something wrong with that account then the account will be blocked otherwise not.

How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook

Reporting a Facebook account is the very natural process, but it is easier on an Android phone than that of saying on your computer. So here I am going to tell you how to report or block the fake Facebook accounts easily in 2016 using your Android or iPhone quickly.

Important Note: Never say any Facebook account on Facebook as fake without any real reason if Facebook comes to know that the account your report as fake is not fake then you account can be permanently blocked. So first check the account thoroughly.

First of all, there will be the latest version of the Facebook app installed on your android phone if you have the older version then first update Facebook.

After that launch the Facebook app and log in to your Facebook account.

Now select the account which is fake, you can search in the search bar once you have found the account go to the profile of that account.

Click on the menu of that profile there will be three dots representing the list just tap there a new menu will open showing many options select the Report from there.

How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook

Now Facebook will ask you what your want to report the account saying you Help Us Understand What’s Happening, here you have to select Report This Account option.

How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook

As I have told you that Facebook will not block the account until it has good reasons, so here in the next page Facebook once again ask you Help Us Understand What’s Happening.

Now you have to select the reason for which you think that this Facebook profile is fake there are many reasons such as,

  • This person is annoying 
  • This timeline is pretending to be me or someone other which I know 
  • This timeline is full of inappropriate contents 
  • This is a fake account 
  • This profile represents a business or an organization 
  • This timeline is using a fake name
    How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook

Now it on you on which basis you think that this account is fake if the reason is described above then you can select the reason otherwise select this “This is a fake account.”

Now your time is over I mean you have done it’s time for Facebook now Facebook will review the account and if it found anything for which primary it is considered a fake account it will be blocked.

That’s it; this was a very straightforward and easy way to prevent the fake Facebook accounts to the Facebook easily but remember never report any original account if Facebook found that you are saying without any reason then you will be blocked.

So, this was all about How To Report A Fake Facebook Account To Facebook. This was a very simple method to report those fake Facebook accounts, and now it is on you to report all the fake account which are teasing you or posting something inappropriate on your or their timelines or walls. Now I can hope that you will block all the fake Facebook accounts.


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