How to open number of sites in just one click

How To Open Number OF Sites In Just One Click

Friends today in my this article I am going to show you how to open number of sites in just one click.

Friends many times we want to do different things like we want to chat with our friends on Facebook and also on Twitter search on Google for different things and also want to open Tricks Vs My Tips we have to open these all site one by one and that is very time consuming but today in my this article I will show you how can you open your favorite sites in just a single click. So 

Let’s Start

1. Open a notepad and copy all the given code.

@echo off




2. Now save that file with many.bat .
3. Now open your file and it will start these three site on your computer.
4. You can also add your site by writing start then the sites URL.

That’s All You Have Done!


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