How to Identify Fake Facebook Account (Best Tips)

Facebook is the most popular social site with millions of users all over the globe. Since Facebook is free to use so people including many famous celebrities, create their accounts on Facebook and enjoy its services. But some people are not fair with their friends, relatives or mates so they use different techniques to get your personal data from you. These methods include Hacking your Facebook account creating fake Facebook accounts. Fake Facebook account is the most common method which people can use to get your personal data. And if you want to know which friend is real and with is fake then you should need to check either that man is a fake persona for a real one.

People often search for fake Facebook profile checker or check fake Facebook profile online etc. but unfortunately, there is no app which can find fake Facebook accounts.

So the best way to check the fake Facebook account is to check the accounts manually which you thing may be fake. You can do so by taking care of a few things. You should read below tips so that you can instantly check which Facebook friend is real or fake.

How to Identify Fake Facebook Account (Best Tips)

Check Profile Pictures:

Before you press the Confirm button when you receive a friend request from an unknown person, the first thing you need to do is to verify the profile picture of the sender.
Most of the fake Facebook accounts uses a fake profile picture which is typically picked up from the Google or Facebook. About 70% of these pictures are from Google. So it is better to check the profile picture before confirming that friend.

How to verify profile Picture of unknown people?

  1. Click on the profile link and go to the profile of the sender.
  2. Download the profile picture of that person from Facebook.
  3. Launch Google and open image search and upload the downloaded image there.
  4. If you find any similar image like you uploaded, then it is 100% sure that a request sender is a fake person.

Check Timeline

The timeline is the proof of everything which we do on the Facebook. To check either a Facebook account is real or fake the first thing I recommend you to check is the timeline. Because whatever we share on Facebook is available on Timeline.

Who is visiting your Facebook profile? OR how to find who has visited your Facebook profile? is a very common question and many people think that they cannot find who has visited their Facebook profile. I have a very easy method to find who has visited your Facebook profile.

Things to keep in mind while checking timeline

There are a few things which you should keep is mind while reviewing the timeline.
  1. If the timeline has a few posts, then the Facebook account is fake.
  2. If the timeline has photos related to porn or other material of this kind, then the profile is 100% fake.
  3. If you found posts in another language then it is also most likely that the profile is fake.

Check the About Tab

Whenever you signup for Facebook, they ask you for your personal information such as your profession and some other things. If you find something that is utterly strange, then you should immediately take action. Doing so will help you to identify fake Facebook accounts.

Things you should check in about tab

  • Birthday

Birthday is one of most important information which Facebook asks you during the signup process. Most of the fake Facebook account have the wrong birthday, and that is generally January 1. If you find birthday to be January 1 then it is most likely that the account is fake.

  • Work & Eduction

Those who create a fake Facebook account don’t like to enter a valid work and education so they skip it. If you need to find that either a Facebook account is fake or not then looking at the work & eduction can help a lot.

Girl Profile Picture

Fake Facebook accounts also tend to use girl pictures because most of the people like to make friends to girls (But I don’t like so?). If you receive friend requests from an unknown profile and that profile has a girl picture then it is also possible that, that the account is fake and you should take action against that profile.

Check their friends too

Checking the friends of request sender is also a wise idea. If the request sender has many friends but is not local, then they may be fake. They may have sent you a friend request just for the marketing purpose or anything else of this kind.

Chat with Friends

This is the most prominent method to check either a Facebook friend is fake or real. I mean you should also chat with the newly make friend. If they chat some strange things or out-of-character then you must unfriend them immediately.

What Should You Do If You Found A Fake Facebook Account?

Well, it is also imperative to take action against the fake Facebook account. When you found any fake Facebook account you should take action again that Facebook account but at least what should you do.
First of all, unfriend that fake Facebook account. It is critical because they can do anything or can keep on sending messages you etc.
But, unfriending does not help a lot they can send a request again so what to do. Also, block that fake Facebook account so they cannot send you any messages again.
Before blocking that fake Facebook account, you should also report that fake Facebook account so that they cannot harm others.

So, this was a great list of tips which you should follow if you want to identify any fake Facebook account.

If I have missed something or you have any suggestions, then you can also post this suggestion here.



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