How to Hack WiFi: Hack WiFi Password Using AndroDumpper

How to Hack WiFi: Hack WiFi Password Using AndroDumpper

WiFi is the easily way to connect with the internet and and keep your self upto date.
But, there is a problem in most of the places you don not have the WiFi Password and the worst thing is that you have WiFi signals of many routers. In such situation the only thing which one thoughts is to hack WiFi.
There is one more problem.
Hacking WiFi is not that easy.
Don’t worry. Fortunately you are in 21st century. Now Hacking WiFi routers on your Android phone is just like a play of children. Yes hacking WiFi is the game of children.
If you want to hack WiFi Password on your Android phone then nothing is better than AndroDumpper.
Hacking WiFi using AndroDumpper is just like a breeze.
AndroDumpper is an Android app developed by Osama Abukmail and the official site of AndroDumpper is
After WPA WPS Tester App AndroDumpper is the best app for Hacking WiFi Password.
As I said Hacking WiFi using AndroDumpper is like a breeze. It can hack both WPS and WPA2 WiFi networks very easily and fastly and the best thing is that you even don’t need to root your Android Phone. That is why I highly recommend you to use AndroDumpper to Hack WiFi on Android.
So let’s start.
But wait!
You should know a little more about AndroDumpper because I don’t want to waste your precious time

What is AndroDumpper?

AndroDumpper is an WiFi vulnerability checking app for Android users.
This app was develped to check the vulnerability in your WiFi networks so that you can surly check your internet and WiFi routers free of hacking.
Disclaimer: As written in the description of this app on Google Play Store AndroDumpper is just for checking vulnerability in your networks so me or the develpers of this app will not be held responsible for any illegal activity that you may do using this app. If you hack someone’s WiFi netowork using this guide or app we both will not be kept responsive for any action that may be taken on you. So do everything on your own behalf.

What are Requirements for using AndroDumpper?

Fortunately there are no any much requirements for using AndroDummper to hack WiFi passowrd. You just need an Android phone where you will install the AndroDumpper app and a working internet connection for downloading the AndroDumpper from Play store.
After that you need to root your phone if the version of your Android is less then Android Lollipop i.e. 5.0, and if you are using Android 5.0 or above you even don’t need to root your Android Phone.

How to Hack WiFi: Hack WiFi Password Using AndroDumpper

First of all you have to download and install the AndroDumpper’s latest version from the Google Play store. In case you have already donwloaded this app then make you have the latest version of the app installed on your Android phone.

Download AndroDumpper From Play Store

After you download the app make sure to turn on the WiFi on your Android and then lauch the app.
Now scan for WiFi networks in the app. You will find all the networks which are in the range of your Android but you can hack only those WiFi networks which have enabled WPS on them.
Find any network which you want to Hack thorough AndroDumpper but make sure that network has enabled WPS and then click on Try Connect button.

Hack WiFi without root using

When you click on TRY Connect button AndroDumpper will show a popup there you have to select either you want the Root method or without Root. It is simple if you have rooted your phone then click Root otherwise you know No-Root.

Now once again you have to select a method to hack the desired WPS enabled WiFi network on your Android phone. And this is simple.
Click on No Custom PIN.
But if you did not get success on hacking WiFi on your Android then selct Custom PIN and download the great list of PINs from this link.

Wait for some time and that’s it. It will show you the password of the WiFi network on the screen. Like below image. And, and note it may not show you the password if you have not rooted your phone.

That’s it you have successfully hacked the WiFi password on your Android phone even without rooting and not rooting your phone.

This was a simple and easy method to hack WiFi passowrd on Android phone without Root.

If you need any help on any fo the topic you can shot me a comment.

And, and just share this with your friends so that others can also learn how can anyone hack their internet WiFi and how can they save themselves from this hack.


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