How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10
How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10
Article By : Daniyaal Khaleeq
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Wi-Fi is a simple, easy and the most comfortable method to connect with the world. Normally Wi-Fi is used on Android phones or on Smartphones, but for more comfortableness, Wi-Fi is also being used on Computers. Computers are connected with Wi-Fi in the form of Laptops. In most of the laptops there is no need to add any external router or Wi-Fi signal trapper, instead, there is already a Wi-Fi trapper which catches the signals of Wi-Fi and shows on our computer screen and we can connect with the Wi-Fi to use the internet.
There is a problem Wi-Fi signals are protected with passwords so that any unknown or unauthorized person cannot use our Wi-Fi as we also pay for the Wi-Fi.
First Wi-Fi signals were protected using WPS. Wait

What is WPS?

WPS stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup but this abbreviation is not the original, in fact, WPS is originally Wi-Fi Simple Config. The main purpose of this system is to protect any local or home network with a password so that one or more networks access points cannot attack the network and get started using your Wi-Fi for free.
I have one more question.
If WPS is a source to protect our Wi-Fi signals then

What are WPA and WPA2?

Good Question, Well the answer is very simple. These two terms are also the Wi-Fi protection methods.
WPA is Wi-Fi Protected Access while WPA2 Wi-Fi Protected Access II. Both of these are security protocols and security certificates developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to protect your Wi-Fi networks from unauthorized access. The main reason for the development of these two systems was there were much security holes in WEP or WPS.

WPA was available to the people in 2003. because Wi-Fi alliance said it is an intermediate in anticipation of the WPS and WPA2.

A small flaw was also added in the W-Fi which is called WI-FI protected setup. Normally WPA and WPA2 cannot be hacked but the addition of WI-FI protected setup make some situations by which WPA and WPA2 can be hacked and broken.

Nowadays WPA2 has replaced all the other WI-FI protected setups such as WPS and WPA. That’s the reason WPA2 is the mostly used as authorized on our WI-FI modems and other networks.
You need not worry here I will guide you how can you hack WI-FI passwords either they are protected with WPS or WPA or WPA2 in just 5 minutes easily.


  1. Laptop with Wi-Fi adapter, USB Wi-Fi Adapter
  2. Windows (7,8,10) Operating System
  3. Wincap
  4. JumStart
  5. Dumper
  6. NetFrameWork 4.5 OR (Download it from Microsoft)
  7. WPA or WPA2 – WPS Networks Available with at least 16% signal

Download all the required software on your computer and install all of them one by one so that we can use them when we have the need to use them. If you miss anyone of the software from there them the Hacking process cannot be complete so be careful while installing all of the software on your computer. If you have any problem while downloading any software then you can contact me using the contact form or drop a comment.

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When you have successfully installed all the installable programs on your computer launch the Dumper app (You do not need to install this app, whenever you want to use it just click on the app)

Select the Network adapter and click on scan to scan the entire available network in your region.

There will be four tabs in the Dumper such as networks, WPS, Profiles and Updates, click on the WPS tab.

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

Under WPS tab click on the select all networks, by doing so all the networks which have enabled WPS will be listed.

Then click on the Scan button, this will scan for all the available networks all the listed networks will have WPS setup.

Here is your time> I mean select the network which you wish to hack; I know you want to hack all the networks but for the first time just select one.

After selecting your desired network click on the “Start Jumpstart” button to start the jumpstart services.

Clicking on the JumpStart button will start the jumpstart services and that will start hacking your desired password using PIN attack system.

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

When JumpStart will complete the hacking process you will be automatically connected to the network which you have hacked.

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

You will be wishing to see the Wi-Fi password which you have hacked. So click on the Profiles tab to see the details of hacked Wi-Fi network.

There will be a box under the Profiles listing all the networks which you have hacked or being hacked, select any hacked network and BOOM! You will see the password of your hacked network.

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

If this method does not show the W-Fi password for you, I mean if the JumpStart is successfully to connect but it is not showing the hacked Wi-Fi password then you have to go the Control Panel to see the Hacked password of Hacked Wi-Fi network.

Right click on the network icon on the icon tray of your desktop (At the lower right corner of your computer screen).

Select the second option saying “Open Network and Sharing Center”.

Click on the network SSID where you are connected. I mean to the name of the network.

Now a new popup will appear titled as “Wi-Fi Status” there in the general tab click on the Wireless properties option.

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

In the Wi-Fi network wireless properties move towards the Security tab.

Tick on the Show Character box, and Bingo! You hacked Wi-Fi password is shown.

How to Hack Wi-Fi WPS WPA WPA2 Password on Windows 7,8,10

Now you can use this password to connect all the other devices such as your Android phone to the Wi-Fi for free and can use the free Wi-Fi for unlimited time until the administrator changes the network password.

This method is the most simplest and the most easy for all kind of people who wish to become a hacker. I have seen many young’s which wants to become an expert hacker but they can’t but don’t worry I will guide you throughout the process of learning hacking and become a successful hacker.

This guide was a just a first step towards hacking, if you continues you struggle then one day you will become a good hacker. Although you should know the basic of hacking on your age. I fyou are successfully on hacking some Wi-Fi networkds then you can do more then this.


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