how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016

How To Hack Gmail Account By Android Phone 2016

How To Hack Gmail Account By Android Phone 2016
How To Hack Gmail Account By Android Phone 2016

Friends today in this article I am going to tell you how can you hack a Gmail Account with your Android phone.

Hacking a Gmail Account is not an impossible thing, but today the method which I am going to tell you is the newest method of hacking a Gmail Account. In this method, you create your own Android app and then you have to install that app on your friend’s Android phone or on any phone which he can use to login into his Gmail Account.

Don’t worry about programming because most of us will not know programming, in fact, the method which I am going to reveal does not require you to create an Android using programming.
So, Let’s get started.

Disclaimer: This article is just for the sake of knowledge so that you can learn how can someone hack your Gmail account using Android Phone app. And how can you prevent yourself from these hacks? The methods, tool, sites that are described below are not used for hacking Gmail these sites and instruments have their own purposes. So, please do everything on your own behalf.

I have divided this tutorial into two Parts.

  1. Skip Part A for those who know to make a Gmail Phishing page. (How to create a Gmail Phishing Page and upload into a hosting site) 
  2. Follow both Parts A and B for those who don’t know a little about making a Gmail phishing page. 

Let’s Make It Happen!

How To Make A Phishing Page And Upload Into A Hosting Site

First of all download post.php and index.html(Gmail Sources) file by clicking below.

Now you have to upload these file in any free web hosting site given below. (I prefer to use 000webhost.com because it is easy to use.)

You Should Also Check Below

When your account is completely created login into your 000webhost.com account.

how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016

Then go to Control Panel.

how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016
After you go to CPanel you have to find File Manager there. File Manager will be listed under Files option.
how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016

In the File Manger click on Upload button and upload the downloaded files one by one.
Now click on index.html file in your 000webhost.com account a Gmail Page will be open this is your Gmail Phishing Page.

how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016

That’s All You Have Successfully Cleared Part 1

How To Make An Gmail App For Hacking Gmail

As I have described above you don’t need to learn programming. Then you must be thinking how is it possible to create an Android app.
Creating an Android app is very simple and easy process and it will take you just 5 minutes to do so. How? Simple using Apps Geyser site.

What is Apps Geyser?

Apps Geyser is a site developed for creating useful apps which can be installed on Android phone without any programming skills.
We will use the same website i.e. Apps Geyser for creating our Hacking App.

Go to this site Apps Geyser
After that click on the “CREATE NOW” button.
Apps Geyser will show you some options select “Website” from them.
When you click on “Website” it will ask you some things given below.

  • Website URL > Enter your phishing page URl (That you created)
  • App Name > Decide your apps name.
  • Description > Give description of your app.
  • Icon > Here you have two option. Select one of them.
    • Custom Icon
    • Default Icon

After filling all requirements just Click Create App button.

how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016

When you click on “Create App” button a new window will open asking for yourName, Last Name, Email and Password just fill them and click “Sign Up” button.
At last sign in your account and go to “Dashboard” here you will see a option“Download your App” Download you app and enjoy.

how to hack gmail account by android phone 2016

Install Hacking App on your Victim’s Phone

Installing the app on your victim’s phone is very important, because until you don’t install the app on your victim’s mobile you will not be able to make him to login and then see his email and passwords.
But installing the app is not that easy as you are thinking.
If you victim is a little smart he may not install the app.
So, it’s up to you know you make him to install the app on his/her Android Phone.

Getting the Email and Passwords

All of our efforts was just for getting the email and password of our victim and this is the place where you will get the email and password.

Just once again login to your 000webhost account and Go to the Control panel.
In the control Panel go to the File manager and then to the Public HTML.
There you will see one more file named password just open that file and there is the password of your victim.

Note: If you do anything illegal using this method me or Apps Geyser will not be held responsible for any actions taken on you.

OK, friends, this was a simple and easy method to hack Gmail account using Android Phone and I am sure once you follow this method correctly you can hack anyone’s Gmail account easily.


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