How to Hack Facebook Top 15 Ways To Hack Facebook in 2017

How to Hack Facebook Top 15 Ways To Hack Facebook in 2017

How to Hack Facebook Top 15 Ways To Hack Facebook in 2017
How to Hack Facebook Top 15 Ways To Hack Facebook in 2017

First of all, I welcome you to here the Top 15 Ways To Hack Facebook In 2017 With Full Guide. In my, this article I have described the top 15 ways to hack any Facebook Account easily or by doing some efforts all of the methods will be described below are available on my site with the full guide to hacking any Facebook account.

My dear visitors these methods are not for hacking of Facebook, in fact, these are to tell you how can hackers hack your Facebook accounts and how can you learn to prevent the hackers attack as we know that if someone attack on us we can only prevent from them iff we know how is he attacking us so these methods are to help you to prevent the hackers attacks.

Friends the method described in this post are just for the sake of education please do not use this to harm or hack any friends Facebook accounts this many create problems for you and then me or my blog will not hold responsible.

Top 15 Ways To Hack Facebook in 2017

  1. Z-Shadow
  2. Easiest Method
  3. Phishing Page
  4. Android Phone
  5. Keylogger
  6. Using CMD (Command Prompt)
  7. Black Track
  8. Cookies Stealing OR Session Hijacking
  9. Data URL 
  10. Tab Napping
  11. Phone Number
  12. Resetting/3 Friends 
  13. Searching-Guessing 
  14. Man In Middle Attack
  15. Without Got Suspended


Hacking Facebook using Z-shadow is as easy as taking tea. Yes, I am telling the truth that is why I have put this on the top of Top 15 Ways to Hack Facebook list. And I am sure once you will dig into this method you will become still to see the process and method by which Hackers can hack your Facebook account. Believe me or not Z-Shadow is the best method to Hack Facebook.

Easiest Method

This is the easiest method to hack any Facebook account. This method is followed by the Phishing because in phishing we made two files one is index.html file and the other is Post.php file these files are not easy to make for newbie but here I have to make these two files by my own, you just need to download and then upload these files to any free web hosting site.

Phishing Page

This is one of the most used methods to hack Facebook, Gmail, and other accounts this is the simple and easy method to follow by this one can easily hack any account. In this method the hacker creates a fake page of that particular site whose account he want to hack then send the URL of that page to his victim when his victim open that a fake page appears before him and when he enters his details such as email and password that is saved in a file to the hacker.

As all of we know that android phone is the mostly use handy operating system so there are a number of apps available for this operation system that’s why Facebook has also introduced an app for this device its mean that Facebook can also be used on android device so there is a way to hack Facebook using android device that is by making a fake android app in this app the victim will login to his email using a hacker’s app and his details will be saved in a file to the hacker.


Keylogger is a very easy method to hack any account of a specific person, it is mostly used to spy on the computer. In this method we make a Keylogger file and then send that file to our victim and make him ready to install that file onto his computer when he installs that his all the keystrokes are sent to use through a log file in our FTP account if you perform this method carefully then you will be able to hack all the accounts of your victims until he installs his Windows (Whatever Operation system he has) again.

Using CMD (Command Prompt)

This is also similar to the Keylogger but the difference is in this method you create your own Keylogger and made your victim to login when he enter his details that are saved in a file on his computer and you have to pick that if you have a physical access to any friends computer then you can easily do this method to hack his computer.


This is the cool method to hack any social site like Facebook this is similar to hacking Facebook using phishing but in this method you do not need to make any fake page by code in this method we make a fake page using simple software that is Black Track and when your victims enters his email and passcode that is saved in this software, not in any other web hosting site.

Cookies Stealing OR Session Hijacking

Cookie stealing is one of the most used methods to hack into the accounts of those users who uses LAN (Local Area Network) in other works cookies stealing can only be work on the LAN networks. This method totally depends on the type of internet connection if our victim is using HTTP then we just sniff the victim but if the victim uses https connection then first we made him use HTTP without his information and we are able to see all his logs through HTTP connection.

Data URL

This is the favorite method to hack into someone’s Facebook account because in this method we made a phishing page through just Post.php file we do not upload index.html file, in fact, we use that file offline that’s why the free web hosting company cannot suspend our account. It is very easy to follow.

Tab Napping

This method is also very simple and the easy method in this method we upload a game to our free web host account and send the link of that game to our victim and made his to open it saying “Let’s play the hardest game of the world” when he open that game a game starts playing and this is the hardest game of the world and when he opens another tab game closes down and asks for the email and passcode to continue when victim enters his details that are saved in a log file into your free account and you can easily see the saved password.

Phone Number

This method is the easiest method to hack any account but this only works when your victims is a fool I mean you send a text message to your victims saying that someone is trying to access your account we want to protect your account send us your email and password with this verification code (any code). If your victim is a fool then he will immediately send his passcode and email to yours.

Resetting/3 Friends

Resetting is not hacking Facebook, in fact, it is recovering that Facebook account whose password its user forgets. But the method of resetting can also be used to hack into someone’s Facebook account easily it will only work for you if your computer is near the victim’s computer or your house is near the victim’s house because nowadays Facebook is tracking the IP address of his users.


This method is also somehow similar to the Resetting method because in this method you need a physical access to your victims computer the chances of your success are more when your victims mostly forget his emails and passcodes of different accounts then he has to make a file with his passwords and if you have a physical access to his computer then you can easily search for that file on his computer.

Man In Middle Attack

Man in the middle is looking cool method from its name but this method is not so easy in this method then attacker (Hacker) and his victim have to be on the same network either on same Wi-Fi or on same LAN. In this method the attacker sees all the connection between the server and the victim and he can easily see your passcodes.

Without Got Suspended

This is also a kind of phishing method to hack Facebook but as all of we know that in phishing method our account is suspended by the free web hosting provider when they detect any unusual file in their server but here in this method your account will not get suspended by the web hosting company because we will not upload any harmful file or any such file into our account which they do not allow.

Friends all of these methods are tested and after completely testing they are published it may happen that when we test these methods they work but may not work for you depending upon your operating system you country or the new security system so if you find any of the method not working for you then please notify us by comment or use or contact form. Thank You Very Much.


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