how to hack facebook account by android phone 2016

Hack Facebook Account By Android Phone 2016

Friends today in my this article I am going to tell you how can you hack a Facebook Account using your android phone.

Hacking a Facebook Account is not a old thing but today the method which I am going to tell you is the newest method of hacking a Facebook Account in this method you create your own app and then you install that app on your friends android phone or on any phone which he can use for login into his Facebook Account. Don’t worry if you do not know any thing about programming and you don’t now how to make your own app but in fact you do not need of any programming language. So 

Note: I have make two Parts of this tutorial.

1) Skip Part A for those who know to make a Facebook Phishing page. (How to make a Phishing Page and upload into a hosting site) 

2) Follow both Parts A and B for those who don’t know a little about making a phishing page.

Let’s Start

Part A

How To Make A Phishing Page And Upload Into A Hosting Site

1.  First of all download post.php and index.html(Facebook Sources) file by clicking.

2.     Now you have to upload these file in any free web hosting site given below. (I prefer to use 000webhost because it is easy to use.) Click here to create an account in 000webhost

3.    First of all Create an Account so go to 000webhost

4.   Now simply fill all necessary information in registration form and click “Submit” button. 

5.  When your account is completely created login into your account. 

6.  Then go to Control Panel > File Manage and their click on “Upload” button and choose these file one by one which you have downloaded in step 1. 

7.   Now click on index.html file in your account a Facebook Page will be open this is your Facebook Phishing Page.

That’s All You Have Successfully Cleared Part 1

Part B

How To Make An Facebook App For Hacking Facebook 

1.    Go to this site   Apps Geyser

2.    After that click on the “CREATE NOW” button. 

3.  Apps Geyser will show you some options select “Website” from them. 

4.   When you click on “Website” it will ask you some things given below. 

Website URL   > Enter your phishing page URl (That you created) 

App Name        > Decide your apps name. 

Description       > Give description of your app. 

Icon                   > Here you have two option. Select one of them. 

  •      Custom Icon 
  •      Default Icon 
5.   After filling all requirements just Click “Create App” button.

6.  When you click on “Create App” button a new window will open asking for your Name, Last Name ,Email and Password just fill them and click “Sign Up” button. 

7.   At last sign in  your account and go to “Dashboard” here you will see a option “Download your App” Download you app and enjoy.

That’s All You Have Done!

Please Don’t Heart Any One By Hacking. It Was Request Of My Teacher With Me So I Also Request With You.


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