How To Directly Search For Mp3 Songs

How To Directly Search For Mp3 Songs

     All of us download Mp3 songs from internet and use those Mp3 download websites. But the only problem which I face is that these sites are stuffed with pop up ads with big downloads banner written and the real download link is hidden somewhere which a rocket scientist can only find. Google has indexed thousands of webpages that are simply directories full of Mp3 files. These directories are hosted by many different people all across the Internet.
   But By reading my this article you will be able to download only Mp3 songs of your desired you can download almost all kind of Mp3 songs by reading my this article so just follow my some steps and you will be able to download Mp3 songs directly.

Let’s Start

1.  First of all you need to select the song you want to download. I am going to download “Blue Eyes” you can change the songs.
2.    After you choose song name simply go to Google and type below command in search bar and hit enter.
intitle:index.of?mp3 (Song Name)
3.   Mr. Google will show  you results. Open any search result. You will get the links to download for that song. Like given pic.

4.   After that a new window will open right click on your desired option and select save link as.

That’s All 
Every thing is Impossible in my words Impossible mean “I” “M” Possible.

        That’s all you have done now your Mp3 songs will be downloaded and you can enjoy only Mp3 songs by following this method. If you face any problem then I am here I will help you to solve the problems and if you like my this article a little please share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy. Keep touch with me and keep on enjoying interesting tricks. 

Thank You.


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