How to crack wi-fi password with your android phone new 2016

How to Crack Wi-Fi Password with Your Android Phone new 2016

      Friends as all of we know that Android Phone is one of the mostly used device in the word due to its popularity in the world with a very fast speed many android Apps, Tricks and many other things are coming but the one of the biggest need of the Android phones is the internet. Yes internet is like the soul of the android phones as we use android phone and we use internet for many purposes like Facebook. But the company which provides us the internet charges us some money for per month, day or week so the internet is also not very cheap but when we use internet on our computer through EVO or through broad band so signals called Wi-Fi signals also comes to our android phones and we cannot use that internet for free because these signals are password protected. Yes there is a Password in these signals and we stuck on there so now what to do? You need not to worry I am Mirza Fahad here to help you and you are on Tricksvsmytips. I have make this full article just for those who wants to hack any Wi-Fi Signals. But remember this is only for study purpose.

I have give 2 methods of doing so.

1. Hacking WPA 2 security method.

2. Hacking WEP security method.

Let’s Make It Happen

Hacking WPA 2 Security Method.

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Important Note

Before starting you must have to check either your android phone have a Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm 4330 wireless chip set and your android phone must be properly rooted.

1. Your android device must be rooted properly. If your device is not rooted then root it using and android rooting app.
2. Now download bcmon tool. Download
3. Now open bcmon and then click on “Monitor Mode” tab. 

Important Note

If bemon says that install the fireware and tools to device then once again click on “Enable Monitor Mode”. If your app close for 3 times then your device is not sporting.

4. Now you have to install Reaver in your device.

5. Open the Reaver and click on the “Android Icon” in app drawer. After you confirm the Reaver that you are not using this for any illegal, Reaver will scan for available access points. Select the access point you want to hack and you have also need to verify the “Monitor Mode” before proceeding. 


If in the at the last of step No. 5 the Bcmon open again then the access point which you have selected must accept the WPS. All routers do not support this.

6. Check your setting and also click on the “Automation Advanced Setting” box.

7. Now click on the “Start Attack” button in the last of the Reaver setting menu. 

8. It can take about 2-10 hours depending on your device and this is not always successful if you fail then try again.

Hacking WEP Security Method.

1. Your device must be rooted. Every device cannot hack WPS PIN. Your device must have Broadcom bcm4329 or bcm4330 wireless chipset.

2. Install Bcmon Tool on your device. 
3. Open the Bcmon and click on the “Monitor Mode” button.

Important Note

If bemon says that install the fireware and tools to device then once again click on “Enable Monitor Mode”. If your app close for 3 times then your device is not sporting.

4. Now click on “Run Bcmon Terminal” then type “ airodump-ng ” (without quotes) then press enter after that it will direct you to Prompt Command there you have  to type  ” airodump-ng wlan0 ”  ( without quotes) and press enter button.

5. Now a Mac address will appear where you are to jot down.

6. Now start scanning channel by collecting information from access point first enter the given command it will scan about 20000-30000 packets.

airodump-ng -cchannel#–bssid MAC address-w output ath0

Important Note

  • Replace the channel No. with the broadcasted access point i.e. 5
  • Replace Mac address with routers i.e. 99:54:5a:0d:9a:13
7. Now return to the terminal and make sure you have reached suitable No.s of packets and type
” aircrack-ng output*.cap “ (without quotes) and press enter to terminal.

8. You will find a message like this “Key Found”
like 32:43:54:76:76 etc. 

9. At last this step came. Remove the dots and you have got the cracked Password now enjoy.


      Hacking a router you are not authorized to access is illegal. Please I would be not held responsible for any illegal activity this tips is used for, its just for knowledge sake.

        Friends I hope my this article is to be helpful for you if you like my this article please share it with your friends so that they can also learn about hack WI-FI passwords  and if you have any problem at any moment you can contact me through Facebook and you can also comment at the bottom of the every page I will give reply to you about your problems and I will help you to get fixed them.
 Thank You

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