How to convert videos without any video converter new 2016

How To Convert Videos Without Any Video Converter New 2016

     Friends today in my this article I am going to tell you how to convert media files using VLC media Player.

    Many times we download some kind of videos for example I download songs from the internet on my computer or any movie and we want to listen these songs or watch that movie on our phone but sometimes our phone not support media files like .flv and we need to convert these files so we download software and install then and understand that software how does it works but now you do not need to download any video converter programs you just need to install VLC media player in your computer if you already have one then no problem if your do not install VLC media player then you have need of this for converting your files there are many benefits of VLC media player in my view it is the best video player of the word. So

Let’s Make It Happen!

1.  First of all you need to download and install VLC media Player.
2. After completely installation of VLC open your VLC media player.

3.  Click on “Media” and then “Convert/Save” or press CTRL+ R.

4.  In the new window of VLC media player click on “Add” button. And select your file which you want to convert.

5.  Now click on “Convet/Save” button.
6. Select your desired format(in which type of file you want to create) and then select destination folder where converted file will be placed. At last click on “Start” button.

7.  Your file will be converted and now you can enjoy your desired format file.
8.  You can check the file by clicking on “Properties” of converted file.

That’s All You Have Done!

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