How To Change Facebook Look to New Design 2017

The new flat look of Facebook is unusual and attractive, and I am also sure you will love the new interface of Facebook.

Change your old Facebook Design or Look into the new Facebook layout. Today Facebook is the number one social site of the world. There are many best features which are present on Facebook. But there is a problem with Facebook. Yes, there is one. The interface of the Facebook is not very good or attractive. This is because Facebook has not updated his design, style, look or interface since a long time. So, I have brought a very useful trick to change the old interface of Facebook to a new Flat design.

How To Change Facebook Look to New Design 2017

Oh! I have not cleared how will we change the Facebook look to the new flat design. Well, we will do so by using a very useful Google Chrome Extension known as Facebook Flat. Yes, Facebook Flat is a very useful Chrome Extension for changing the Facebook interface to a new flat design. Now only you can change the look of your Facebook. Instead, the extension also provides many other useful features which you will also love to use.

Features of Facebook Flat Extension;

  • A stunning and designed interface.
  • Fast loading of feeds in the newsfeed i.e. the faster loading than the previous one.
  • Get rid of all Facebook ads.
  • Straightforward and useful left panel which helps to use different tools and options quickly.
  • Does not effects the user experience

Steps to Change Facebook Look to New Design 2017

First, you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer if not then please first install Google Chrome on your computer from the official site of Google Chrome.

Now go to the extension page of Chrome i.e. settings then extension and search for Flatbook and install the extension on your Chrome. If you can’t find it manually, then you can directly go to the Facebook Flatbook extension page.

There click on the Add to Chrome button located on the right top corner of the page.

How To Change Facebook Look to New Design 2017

The extension will ask you to confirm by popping a popup there click on Add Extension button and wait for a few seconds. The extension will be installed on your Chrome, and you can see the extension icon on the right side of the address bar i.e. below the cross button.

How To Change Facebook Look to New Design 2017

Now go to the Facebook, and you will see a new design. Instead of the old one.

To switch off this layout, you can just toggle the extension button from the left side of the page i.e. below the address bar.

How To Change Facebook Look to New Design 2017

If you want to remove this extension from your Chrome permanently, then you can also do so by deleting it from Extension settings of Chrome.

That’s it. You have successfully changed the old Facebook look to the new flat design.

So, friends this was all about How To Change Facebook Look to New Design. I hope that you will love to this method and the new flat design of the Facebook. And, and I also know you will also love this look too because it is very charming. Do share so that other can also use this fantastic extension.


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