How To Clean A Gaming Mouse Pad – Step By Step Procedure

It is necessary for every PC gamer to use gaming mouse and gaming mouse pad to control games without any lag. But having a gaming mouse pad is not enough we’ve to take care of it and in the next few lines I am going to tell you what exactly I mean. So I am talking about the cleanliness of mouse pad.

A gamer daily uses gaming mouse and mouse pad and from his hands germs transfers in mouse pad. Sometimes dust also appears on gaming mouse pad. It looks weird because no one wants to see dust on his best gadgets. So today I am here to present some cool simple steps of How to clean a gaming mouse pad at your home.

how to clean gaming mouse pad

How to Clean a Gaming Mouse Pad:

So if you are going to clean your mouse pad be sure that what kind of material your mouse pad have. If you are using a rubber pad or plastic pas then it will be good for you to stay away from damp clothes or other sanitary wipes because if you clean your pad with that, it messes you during the gaming. So it’ll not be a good idea to use that.

If we talk about cloth pad then its cleaning method is quite simple from rubber pad. You’re going to love this method because it’s too simple and quick. So if you want to clean your cloth pad you have to fill a tub or your sink with water and put some washing soap in it. Then put the pad in it and rub the pad with your hands. It’ll be cleaned smoothly and quickly. The benefit of this method is you can ask your mom or sister to clean your mouse pad for you. The other simple way is washing machine. Yes you can also clean it with washing machine. It’ll clean pad without destroying it and after washing, it’ll be like new pad.

Here I am going to give you some important recommendations and you have to apply them because your pad safety. Just keep in mind that you’re not using hot water either its rubber pad or cloth pad. Also don’t use dryer on both material because there are some little rubber elements which are include also in cloth pads. So it’ll be a wise decision to stay away from hot things.

Yes, if it’s the summer then you can keep your gaming mouse pad in the sun after washing it. The reason is that sun is a part of nature and it’ll not destroy it.

After washing the pad let it be dry itself. It’ll not take too much time be sure that there is no any dust in the air because when the dust hit with wet pad it’ll also dirt the pad and your hard work will not be successful. So keep these things in mind and clean your mouse pad without any problem. Clean your mouse pad once or twice a week because of safety.

So these were some simple steps to clean your gaming mouse pad. Many people don’t know how to clean a gaming mouse pad. So after this post they will also be able to clean their mouse pad at their home for free. There are also some liquids available in market that cleans your gaming mouse pad. So if you can afford them you can buy them but try the free method 1st. I am sure after applying the free method you don’t have to go for paid one because this free method is workable and tested by my team.


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