Hacking Facebook and Gmail with Z Shadow – An All-in-One Guide (With Screenshots)

One of the most searched hacking tools on the internet is Z Shadow and we do not doubt that due to its abilities. Whenever you need to invade someone’s Facebook, Gmail, and other social accounts, you can use this tool and there you are getting the login credentials of that person. Though most people think that this tool does not work but they are the ones who have not tried it yet. Also, the list of such people also include the ones whose country cannot use this service. However, if you are the one and in a country where you can use Z Shadow you should know that it definitely works and today we are here to talk a great deal about it. If you are the ones who have been looking for just the right tools for hacking Facebook or Gmail, you are just at the right spot today.

Before, we continue with anything about Z-Shadow, we will want to state that we do not support the use of hacking material which can be used to break into someone’s privacy and we do not support at all if people mean harm by it for the others. If you are the one who needs to get some important information which greatly concerns you and without which you can get into trouble, we only support this utility’s use for such conditions otherwise, please do not use us. In this article, we are going to talk about the basic intro of Z Shadow, how we can use it to hack different account such as Facebook, Gmail, and others, we are going to talk about the Z Shadow app, its review, and hence, this article contains almost every important information related to this free online hacking utility named Z Shadow.

hack facebook and gmail with z shadow

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What is Z Shadow?

The first questions that would be arising in your mind after reading the title would definitely be : What is Z Shadow?

While we are talking so highly about an app, the ones who don’t know about it they deserve to know that. Let us now first start with the introduction of Z Shadow.

Z Shadow is an online hacking utility with the help of which anybody can hack into someone’s Facebook, Gmail, or Yahoo account in order to get some important information from those accounts. It includes more of a tricky procedure and you can say that it comes in the boundaries of ethical hacking because it does not include hacking right into serves or causing some severe harm because hacking with Z Shadow is only possible if both the victim and attacker are involved as 50-5- in the procedure. To some people, this might seem a bit odd because the involvement of a victim does not seem as a true statement but it is true and you are going to know soon, why is that?

Well, I owe you guys a little bit explanation since I have already mentioned that hacking with Z Shadow is only possible if the victim is involved as well. The attacker creates a link using the Z Shadow tool which he sends to the victim and only if the victim enter its login credentials into the tool, this is only when the hacker can get his/her id and password. So, we are quite clear on this thing and to hack with Z Shadow, you have got to be a tricky person so that you might be able to convince people about opening the link and enter their login credentials without which, this is not possible.

It is also important to mention here that before, the hacking with Z Shadow was only possible if you used the website utility and not all people could that because there are many countries of the world where you cannot use this service. However, with the release of an android app lately, now all people from all across the world can hack and invade into other people’s accounts. I guess this is an introduction which covers pretty much everything about this online hacking tool and you will be waiting for us to teach you things. So, in this article, we are going to teach you how you can hack Facebook, Gmail, or other social accounts with Z Shadow. The articles also contains separate guides for both Facebook and Gmail even though most of the things you have got to do are the same.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hack Facebook with Z Shadow.

Here we are right at the moment for which you waited the most. Facebook is the most used social media and most people have the curiosity of getting into the accounts of people such as their friends and family in order to see what they are doing in the secret. Well, this is something we do not support at all because getting into someone’s privacy is not ethical at all and you got to have a good reason in order to want access to someone’s personal social account. These purposes could include getting information about the person who is harassing your family, yourself, or your friends. Parents, who want to takeout important information concerning their kids may want to use this utility as well and all of these seem like quite good reasons to do that. Once we have stated that you can be in ethical boundaries in order to use Z Shadow, let us now move on with our step-by-step guide to teach you about that.

Here is a detailed guide including all the steps which you are going to follow in order to hack Facebook with Z Shadow.

Creating a Z Shadow Account.

  1. In the first step, you will need to go on Google and type the main keyword which is ‘Z Shadow’.
  2. As Google shows results for this, make sure that you go to the first link which is the right link to the Z Shadow website.
  3. Once you are in the website, you will need to create an account for the utility which is a pretty basic thing to know and for that you will need to register.
  4. Click the Register or Sign up option and enter the sign up form.
  5. Now enter all the relevant and important information which is required of you so that you can create your account on the Z Shadow.
  6. Make sure that you remember everything such as the email id, password, your birth date, and other important information you enter in the forum.
  7. Now click the sign up button and this will create an account for you on the Z Shadow.

Verifying your Account.

Once you have created your account, you will need to verify it and following is how you are going to do that.

  1. After the sign up procedure when the website asks you to open your email and verify it, you have got to do that in order to start using the utility.
  2. For that, you will need to sign in to your Gmail, Yahoo, or any other mail service you are using it and open your inbox.
  3. Once you are in the inbox, open the email from the Z Shadow website which contains a verification link.
  4. Once you have found the verification link, click it.
  5. This will verify your Z Shadow account and you are ready to use it.

Hacking the Facebook Account.

Well, here comes the final of parts included in this guide. This is the moment when you take your final measures in order to hack an account with the help of this utility and this becomes quite easier when you are someone who is good at thinking good baits. You will need to know at this point about, what is a Bait?

Preparing a Bait.

Bait is that link which you send to the person whose account you want to hack. It must be so good that a person does not think otherwise and enter his credentials for you. For example, if you send someone the link, tell them that it is your business page and in order to like it, login into it first. Or you can say that this is a link to some really entertainment video or you can create it according to the person. For example, if a person likes new songs, you can tell him that it is a link of the song from his favorite etc. So, this is how you think of your bait. Having said that, following are the steps included in the final hacking procedure of Facebook with Z Shadow.

  1. Login to your Z Shadow account on the website and enter the homepage.
  2. Once you are at the homepage, you will see a lot of links.
  3. The link creator on Z Shadow creates different links for Facebook and Gmail etc. so you will need to choose the one with the Facebook link.
  4. Once you have the link for yourself, login into your Facebook account and send this link to the person whose account you want to hack.
  5. Now give him a good reason as I explained in the bait section and compel him to open the link and enter his credentials.
  6. Once he has told you that he has opened the link and entered his login credentials, this is it, your work with the person is done since you have done your job.
  7. Now all that remaining is to get yourself the id and password of the person.

The question that’s remaining is when you have hacked the id and password, where do you get it? Don’t worry because we have got this one for you as well. Read it in the next heading in the last step about the place where the tool saves the hacked id and passwords.

Getting the Hacked ID and Password.

Even though most people who have successfully done the above procedure, they don’t about this tab in the website where the id and password gets saved and that is why they lose it. Listed below are few steps to teach you this final thing.

  1. All the IDs and Passwords which you hack using the Z Shadow get saved in the ‘My Victims’ tab which is in your Z Shadow profile.
  2. Once you have hacked the id and password, login into your Z Shadow account once again.
  3. Now go in to your profile and find the ‘My Victims’ tab which is right there.
  4. To get yourself the ID and Password, open the tab and a file there contains them.
  5. And this was the final step in this whole easy but long procedure.

So, now you have successfully hacked a Facebook account with the help of Z Shadow. Make sure that you use it for the right person and once you are done with that, don’t use it anymore or ask the person to change their password by telling the right reason.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hack Gmail with Z Shadow.

I know that the previous guide has been quite long but it was also necessary since I wanted you to know and learn each and every step. So, now we are moving forward to the procedure of hacking Gmail with Z Shadow and this is going to be a short one since the guide only includes important steps of hacking Gmail and the rest has already been covered in the Facebook hack section. The account which you are going to use to hack Gmail is the one you have already made and if not then make one but if you have one already, you don’t need to make another for hacking Gmail. So, without any further do, let us move on with our guide to hacking Gmail with Z Shadow.

  1. If you a Z Shadow account, login to the website by using it. If not, then read the guide above and learn how you do that.
  2. Once you are at the homepage of the Z Shadow website which contains links, you have got to choose link.
  3. If you have not read the guide above which contains important link about baits and links, read that first.
  4. Once you have read and learned that, choose the link for yourself.
  5. Now you can either send the person this link in the Facebook chat or email them using your Gmail.
  6. Here, emailing them in the Gmail account is better because while hacking Facebook, people do fall to the bait from Facebook but not for Gmail.
  7. Now send the link to them in the Gmail and once it is hacked, I am sure that you have read about ‘My Victims’ tab, where you get the hacked ID and password in the Z Shadow.

And this is how you hack Gmail with Z Shadow. Now since I have mentioned as well about the Z Shadow App and hacking using the app, let us move on to our final course in this article.

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Z Shadow App and Features Review.

Even though hacking Facebook and other accounts with Z Shadow online utility is the convention and most people will recommend you to go for it instead of the app, it is also true that app makes it even easier to do the hacking process. There are many benefits due to which app gets the positive reviews and that’s why we also recommend users to have the app as well. The biggest benefit of having this app is that it is on your phone and wherever you go, you can use to do what you want. If you only have the website utility at your disposal and if you go to a place where you do not have access to your computer then it would be a problem, wouldn’t it? Also, another benefit of having the app could be the easier removal of the data and already built indexed pages which makes it easier for you to hack the accounts.

Here is a list of some of the top features of Z Shadow App.

  • Just like the online website utility for hacking, Z Shadow app is also free to use.
  • You can either download the app from the play store or get the free Z Shadow APK from our website so that you can install it and start hacking.
  • The interface of the app makes it even easier to do the process of hacking since everything is pre-programmed.
  • While hacking through the Z Shadow app, you don’t need to create the index pages for hacking. All you need to do is to make an account for it and the rest will be done itself.
  • This app is absolutely free to download and you don’t need to pay for any offer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hack Facebook with Z Shadow App.

Since we are on our last course, I will want to keep it precise. Once you have downloaded and install the Z Shadow app on your android smartphone device, you can use the following guide to hack Facebook with it. Make sure that you have created an ID for the Z shadow which you are going to use here as well.

  • Login to the app using your Z Shadow login credentials and make sure that they are verified and ready to use.
  • The app contains different links for Facebook and Gmail already prepared.
  • Now copy one of the links and for hacking Facebook, send the link via messenger to the victim.
  • The user will open it and enter his credentials as you have planned.
  • Once he has and you are done with the hacking, go to my victims tab and gets the hacked id and password.

And this is how you hack Facebook with the Z Shadow app. So, this was everything you need to know about Z Shadow. We discussed and introduced you to Z Shadow, taught you how to hack Facebook and Gmail with it, we told you about Z Shadow App, did its featured review, and then at the end, we also taught you how to hack Z Shadow with app as well. Being done with all that, I can say that covered everything in great detail about the app. Still, if you have any question or confusion, you can tell us in the comments section but also make sure that you have written your feedback as well. Keep visiting our website for more great stuff from the world of Tech tips and tricks.


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