Hack Facebook Account without Got Suspended By Web Hosting 2017

Welcome Friends today in my this article I am going to teach you a very good method to hack someone’s Facebook Account. Mostly we use phishing page to hack someone’s Facebook password but that is an old method of hacking any site’s account in phishing attack we create a fake page, and then we upload that page to any free web hosting provider but the problem with that method is that our account which we create for uploading our fake files is detected by the web host provides and they block or suspend or account that’s a big problem, and we cannot see the hacked passwords and username so I am going to share this method of hacking Facebook you can hack Facebook using this method without got suspended by the web hosting providers so this is the best method for using phishing attack. Hacking Facebook using Data URL method is a new method so it is not detected by the web hosting companies and that’s why this is the best method to hack someone’s details.

What is Data URL?

Data URL is an abbreviation of Uniform Resource Identifier this scheme provides a way to include many data in one line in web based pages if the data is taken from external sources. Data URL is the simplest and the easiest method to include many data from other sites and blogs using a single URL, we shall also use this technique to add the Facebook page sources in one link and then we will convert that into a hacking link using some simple coding.

My all dear friend this method is just for the sake of study I do not mean that you hack your friends, relatives or any one’s Facebook account or any other account using this method. This is for your knowledge that how can hackers hack your accounts and if you know the method of attack of your enemy then you can also prevent from then so uses this for educational purpose only.

Let’s Learn To Hack Facebook Account without Got Suspended By Web Hosting 2016

Step Number 1

First of all click here (File No. 1) and select all the code and paste that into a notepad.

Step Number 2

Now save that code as post.php on your desktop.

Step Number 3

You have to upload this file into any free web hosting provider I prefer to use 000webhost because this is easy to use.  So, create an account in 000webhost.com

Learn How to create an account in 000webhost and upload files with detail

Step Number 4

So create an account in 000webhost.com then go to the login page of 000webhost.com enter your email and password and click on “Login” button.

Step Number 5

Once you successfully log in to your account go to Control Panel …> File Manager …> Public HTML directory and click on upload button and upload the post.php file which you have to create in step number 1 & 2.

Step Number 6

Now click on “Open” button of the post.php file (which you uploaded in step number 5) and copy URL which that look like below.


Step Number 7

You need another code so click here (File No. 2) to download a special code.

Step Number 8

Now open that file in notepad which you download in step 7 and press CTRL+F (For Opening the search bar) and type “Please Share” in the search box then click on “Next” button and file line like given below.

action=”Please Share”

Step Number 9

Now replace the “Please Share” With your URL which you have copied in Step Number 6.

Step Number 10

For Example, action=”yourusername.000webhost.com/post.php” (Remember)

Step Number 11

Copy all the code which you have made in Step Number 10 and open one of the site base64 OR use this free formatted

Step Number 12

Now paste all the code into blank box and press “ENCODE” button given below.

Step Number 13

Now Base 64 will encode your code copy all the code and paste it into the notepad.

Step Number 14

Now add this data:text/HTML;base64, in the beginning of your copied code (Which you have copied in Step Number 13) and ..+ in the last of the code
Now Your Code Will Look Like This


Step Number 15

Once again copy all the code and paste it into your browser’s address bar and press enter it will look like a Facebook Page, but URL is too much long. It is your fake Facebook phishing page.

Step Number 16

Now go to this site Tiny URL and paste all the code (Which You have made in step number 14 & 15) in the blank box and click on “Make Tiny URL” button you will get a little code copy that and send that to your victim.
Friends if you have need of any help then feel free to ask me via the contact form or just give me a comment I will reply to your comments and your messages so please do not hesitate to ask me I ma here to help you at any time.
My Dear visitors if you like my this article and want to help me then please share this blog/article with your friends on your favourite social app so that your friends can also learn how hackers hack someone’s Facebook or Gmail account and how can your prevent from this in addition you can also use this method to hack someone’s, friends or relatives different account but do not use this method for any illegal thing. Thank You.

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