hack facebook using phone number new 2016

hack facebook using phone number new 2016

hack facebook using phone number new 2016

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Friends this is one of the easiest method of  hacking Facebook account. In this method you can hack any of your friends Facebook account in just one minute but remember this method will only work only and only if your friend (The Victim) is not very active I mean to say that your victim is not very wise if he/she is wise he/she cannot be hacked using this method.

Disclaimer !!!

Friends this post is just for educational purpose I do not mean that you hack your friends Facebook account.

LEt’s start

Step No. 1
First of all you have to arrange a mobile number which your friend (victim) do not know.

Step No. 2
Now get the mobile phone number of your friend (victim).

Step No. 3
Its attack time send your friend (victim) a message like this

Dear Facebook User We have note some kind of login attempt against your facebook account if that was you then do not take any action and if that was not you please send your your full facebook details including your all user names and passwords if your detect such action on your facebook we will block your facebook account for 1 hour and send you a new password and against your email. This protection is very essential for your facebook account. reply us with this verification code 342964

Step No. 4
When your friends (the victim) will receive this message if he/she is not wise he/she will send his/her password and email to your number thus you can unlock his/her Facebook account

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