Hack Facebook Using Man In Middle (SSL Hacking) Attack 2017

Welcome, Welcome to Tricks VS My Tips very much, my dear visitors today I am going to teach you an absorbing method to hack any Facebook account easily this method is also named as SSL attack or you can also say it Man In the Middle Attack. This is one of the mostly use methods to hack into someone’s account you can hack almost all kind of accounts which your victim uses on his computer.

How Man In The Middle Attack (SSL Hacking) Works?

As I said in the introduction that this is the mostly used method to hack into someone’s accounts, so the biggest question of the topic is how this process works? The answer is, in this method the attacker (hacker) creates a new connection between the victim and the server now when the victim sends any request or data to the server that is sent to the attacker than to the server now the attacker can hack into the victim’s accounts easily without any problem. This thing must be note down that this kind of attack can be done only in Local Area Network (LAN).


My dear visitors my this article is only for the sake of education, please do not miss use all the guide given below this may cause some actions on you if this happens then me or my blog will not be held responsible. 

Let’s Learn To Hack Facebook Using Man In Middle (SSL Hacking) Attack 2016

Important Information
As we know that there are two type of connection,


The Http use simple text-based method to send all the information, So we have to make our victims use Http connection instead of using the Https for login into his accounts (which we want to hack i.e. Facebook). For doing so, we will use a tool named as SSL Strip then we will be able Run Our Man In Middle Attack.

Things We Need

For performing a Man In Middle Attack, we will need the following things to be available.

1. SSL Strip (Search on Google for latest with Windows version)
2. Ettercap.

Start It

1. Open your SSL strip tab and click on the “Auto Check” button.

2. There you must have to select the victims IP address and click “Open” button.

3. Open Ettercap and go to “Sniff” tab there enter your network interface and click “OK” button.

4. Select “Hosts” then select “Scan” for scanning the IPs, Open the “Host” tab to see the Host List there select the IP of the router as target 1 and the victims IP as target 2.

5. Then choose the MITM then ARP poisoning and click the “OK” button.

6. Its attack time starts sniffing, and when your victim will login into his account, you will be able to see his username and password because your victims are using Http not Https connection.

Tips for you

a) If you are going to perform and online operation such as credit card payment, Bank Login or Email login always ensure that you Use HTTPS connection.

b) Check your SSL certificate before doing any online transaction from LAN (Local Area Network).

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aarzoo - February 27, 2017

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    Admin - March 30, 2017

    it works…some of the people have commented that it worked for them.


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