How To Hack Facebook Account Using Data URL Method 2017

Friends today in my this article I am going to show you how to hack a Facebook Account using data URL method.

Hacking a Facebook Account using data URL method is not the very old way it is one of the most used methods of hacking a Facebook Account because in this process your account which you create in any web hosting site is not blocked/suspended that’s why it is trending nowadays. There are many benefits of this method.

What is Data URL? According to Wikipedia.

The data URI is a URI scheme (Uniform Resource Identifier scheme) that provides a way to include data in-line in web pages as if they were external resources. It is a form of file literal or here document. This technique normally allows separate elements such as images and style sheets to be fetched in a single HTTP request rather than multiple HTTP requests, which can be more efficient.

Data URIs tends to be simpler than other inclusion methods, such as MIME with CID or MID URLs. Data URLs are sometimes called Uniform Resource Locators, although they do not locate anything remotely. The data URI scheme is defined in RFC 2397 of the Internet Engineering Task Force(IETF).

Disclaimer: This article is just for the sake of information. I have stated all the steps of hacking a Facebook account using Data URL method so that you can also understand how can someone hack your Facebook account using Data URL and if you are aware how Data URL works then you can also prevent yourself from these hacks. So, please don’t hack anyone’s Facebook account using this method. If you do anything illegal, I will not be held responsible.

How To Hack A Facebook Account Using Data URL Method New 2017

Click here and select all the code then paste into notepad and save as post.php on the desktop.

You need to create an Account in any free web hosting site. I prefer to use 000webhost because it is easy to use. After setup of your account login if you cannot understand this then read How to create an account in 000webhost and upload files with detail.

After creating an Account login to your account and go to the Control Panel.

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After control Panel, you have to find the File Manger that will be located under the Files tab.

Once you have found the File Manger click on that and once again enter your username and password. And then click on the Upload button and upload your post.php file.

Now click on “Open” button of that file (which you uploaded in step 3) and copy URL which will look like below.


Now click here to download an exclusive Facebook Code.

Open the file in notepad which you download in step 5 and press CTRL+F and type Please Share in the search box and search for the below line.

action=”Please Share”


Replace the “Please Share” With your URL which you have copied in step 4 (If you have any problem then you can ask me by leaving a comment at the end of article)

For Example


Now copy all the code (which you have made in step 7) and open this site Base64 OR use this Free Formatter

Paste all the code into blank box and press “ENCODE” button.

After that, it will make a code copy about half or some more than half part the code and paste it into the notepad.

Add this line data:text/html;base64, in the beginning of your copied code. And + in the last of the code

Your Code Will Look Like This

Now once again copy all the code and paste it into your browser it will look like a Facebook Page, but URL is too much long. It is your phishing page.

Don’t worry go to this site Tiny URL and paste all the code in the blank box and click on “Make TinyURL” you will get a little code copy that and send that to your victim.

That’s All You Have Done!

Please don’t heart anyone by hacking. This was a request of my teacher to me, so I also request you.

So, this was a straightforward and easy method to Hack Facebook account using Data URL method. Data URL is the most successful method of hacking Facebook because in this method you are free of worry about the suspension of your web hosting account.
If you have any kind of problems then you can shot me an email at fahadkhaleeqmirza@gmail.com or just drop a comment below. I will be there to help you to understand and teach you everything which you want.

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fahad - March 17, 2017

please help me to hack facebook account in very simple way…tell me a simple and short way for hacking.


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