Farming Simulator 18 APK For Android & PC

The most exclusive farming experience is provided by farming simulator 18. Who gives us every possible farming activity that a simulating game can provide. Farming simulator 18 apk is my most favorite game, an addiction (and trust me, i have only this one). Farming simulator 18 is the most amazing 3D analogue entertaining game, that has everything casual but grants us the best farming activities. Farming simulator 18 is letting us enjoy the whole new experience.

Enjoy your own farm, use your own animals, grow your own crops and do whatever makes you happy.

There are a lot of activities, a lot of things you can do in your farm. Let me show you some examples. You have your own sheeps and cows. And you going to have milk and wool from them. So herd them and get the wool and milk. Then get money by selling the wool and milk to the virtual market. There are pigs too that you can breed, you can grow the number of pigs too in your farm.

There are different kinds of crops that you can grow. And you can get lots of stock in your farm. You can plant and harvest different crops including; Wheat, corn, canola, and three more. So go with your favorite crop and keep growing your livestock. And you can also sell these crops to the virtual markets.

To grow the crops and transporting the goods, when you looking for some vehicles. There is a cool list of vehicles for you. There are heavy trucks and other machinery that can help you grow crops, or taking your goods to the virtual markets. There are also forest activities that you can do. You can cut out the woods and sell the timber. And to transport the timber, you going to need the help of the machinery.

You can also use the AI helpers of your farm, AI helpers can do anything you want them to do. Like they can drive you to the virtual market if you want them to. Or in any other farm activity they can help. You can also visit other farmer’s farms and explore what other farmers have. You can play out with your friends using local multiplayer. You can connect multiplayer simply by connecting through Bluetooth or WiFi. Start your journey in this farming experience, and be the best farmer.

farming simulator 18

Farming Simulator 18 App Requirements:

Farming simulator 18 supports almost all android devices. But some of the requirements of game, i am going to describe them. So the first requirement is that, your android device must have Android OS 4.4 and up. And the best other option in farming simulator 18 is that it does not require any root access.

Farming simulator 18 for PC:

Farming simulator 18 is a game that should be available on every platform. So you can enjoy this amazing farming game on your desired platform. You can play farming simulator 18 on PC too, all you have to do is following steps i am telling you. So you can do your favorite farm activities in your farm, on your PC. Follow the steps to be the best farmer on PC:

  1. Download farming simulator 18 apk file
  2. Store it in the file explorer where you can find it easily
  3. Install Bluestacks and update it
  4. Open the apk file you downloaded in bluestacks
  5. Install it the way, you install any other apk in your PC.

Try farming simulator 18 now, and be the most happy farmer. Don’t forget to try every farming activity, and don’t ruin the Southern US environment by just laying down. Herd your animals, grow crops and do more and more everyday.


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