Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Key (Crack) For Free

Download the Premium version of Facebook Social Toolkit for free and also get the crack file and license key for free.

Facebook Social Toolkit is a multiple purpose tool for doing different tasks. It is a very useful extension to do various useful tasks in minutes.

But for using the premium features Facebook Social Toolkit (FST) we have to either buy the toolkit license key or have to download a crack file of the premium extension.

So today I am going to reveal a very useful method which you can use to download the Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Key or cracked file for free.

Facebook is a very popular social network it has millions of billions of users all over the world. That is why Facebook can be used to do different tasks i.e. marketing etc., so Facebook has restricted so many actions for their Facebook users. These activities include sharing one post to all the groups, adding many friends at once, sending requests to a group of people at once, leaving all the groups at once, and much more other cool features of this kind and these activities can be done using Facebook Socia Toolkit.

As the developers of Facebook Social Toolkit just allow some features for their free product but the most useful and attractive features f Facebook Social Toolkit (FST) are not available in the free version of FST, so we have to buy the extension to enjoy the full features of Facebook Social Toolkit.

Today I will tell you a very useful method which you can use to download Facebook Social Toolkit Premium for free. And if you are looking for the crack file or the Key of the Premium file then don’t worry I have bought the Facebook Social Toolkit and have copied the activated files from the drive and now everyone can use these files to get the premium version of Facebook Social Toolkit for free.

Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Key (Crack) For Free

To get the Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Key (Crack) for free, you just need to follow some very straightforward and straight steps. So, follow the below steps to get the FST Premium for free.

Launch your Google Chrome (If you have not installed Google Chrome then first install it on your computer from the original site of Google Chrome) if you have already installed Google Chrome then go to the Extension page of Chrome and delete the extension there.

Now download the crack Facebook Social Toolkit Premium.

Extract the downloaded FST file using Winrar.

Then drag the file named as fcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep-2.3.1.crx from that folder to the extension page of the Google.

Now a pop up will appear for confirming that you want to add this extension so click on Add Extension button.

Now launch My Computer and paste the following address in the Address bar of your File Manager. Note: Replace Fahad with your Computer Name and if you have installed Windows in any other drive then also replace C with that drive letter.

C:UsersFahadAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensionsfcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep2.3.8_0popupjs

Now delete the Validate file from the above location.

Launch a new File Manger window and go back to the download folder and copy the Validate file from the extracted folder i.e. the folder which you had extracted after downloading the file.

Paste the copied validate file to the above-described location i.e. the location where you had deleted the file. I mean you have to paste the new validate file back to the same folder where you had deleted this. The reason for doing so is the new validate file has verified the key.

Go to the Facebook and click on the FST icon on the right top corner of the screen. Then click on Start Facebook Social Toolkit for Facebook.

Now FST will show you a big menu there you have to select any premium tool, for example, I am selecting Post on Own Facebook Pages you can select any one which you want.

Then enter a message to post and click on start posting.

Now Facebook Social Toolkit will ask you to enter the email and Password you can enter any one which you want.

And that’s it you have done. You have successfully get the Facebook Social Toolkit for free on your Chrome.

So, this was all about Facebook Social Toolkit Premium Key (Crack) For Free. If you use this method, then you don’t need to buy the Facebook Social Toolkit Premium license key. Instead, you can get the FST license key for free using this crack file and use this excellent method.

I hope you find this method useful. And, and if you have any problems then don’t forget to ask for help you can post a comment below I will be happy to give answers to your questions.


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Anonymous - December 14, 2016

sir C:UsersFahadAppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensionsfcachklhcihfinmagjnlomehfdhndhep2.3.8_0popupjs this address donot find my computer i also replace fahad to my computer name but it does not show mw appdata local folder why?


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