Coolest you tube tricks that you must know new 2016

5 Coolest You Tube Tricks  You Must Know

    Friends today in my this article I am going to show you some amazing tricks of your beloved videos player You Tube.

         As you know that the You Tube is the biggest and the most popular videos player of the word which has all type of the videos related all things for example when you want to see some videos or you miss your favorite TV shows then you turns towards the You Tube. Yes we all use You Tube for watching different kinds of the videos. But we all do not know that the You Tube has also some cool and amazing tricks and I will give you tips and tell all about that tricks. So keep touch with me.
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Let’s Start

1.  Specific Start Timing

      Friends sometimes you share your some important or personal videos with your friends, families or relatives and you wish them to see these videos at a specific time according to the scenes of the videos then you inform them to see the videos at a specific time. But is it possible to see the videos at a specific time? Yes now everything is possible. So
Let’s Start

1.    First of all you need to copy the URL of the video which you want to see at a specific time. For example the URL is
http ://
2.    You just need to add    #t=03m05s    at the end of your URL. Now your URL will look like this.
3.    Now when you share your video with this URL it will start playing video on 3 Minutes and 5 Seconds.
That’s All You Have Done!

2. Auto Replay For Video
        Friends when you watch your some favorite videos on your computer with a specific player. Your player also give you the permission to auto reply the video when you are sitting away from your PC. But when you are watching these videos from the You Tube you have to reply the video again and again so you can also have some problems but now follow me and I will teach you a simple and amazing trick. So

Let’s Start

1.   First of all you have to copy original URL of the video from the You Tube.
http ://
2.    Now you just need to replace Youtube with the infinitelooper from the URL.
3.   Now Put that URL in the URL box and then press enter it will redirect you to a new website where your video will be play again and again. And It also allows a special feature  you can set a selected area for looping which means only some special part of video can be set for looping.
That’s All You Have Done!

3. Watch You Tube  Video With Slow Internet Speed

          Friends as I said that the You Tube is the biggest Video launcher in the word the one reason for this is that You Tube can play videos with a very slow speed of the internet for example your internet provider provides you a very small speed of the internet or you are watching You Tube videos on you Mobile Phone ( May be Android or simple ) you have to just wait for some time while the You Tube loads the important files of the video on your Mobile/PC  and then starts play the video.  On the other hand other online video players cannot play videos on your Mobile and also sometimes on your Windows PC with slow internet speed.
       As you know that You Tube take care of its all visitors from different means so You Tube provides a great feature for playing videos on the slow speed internet users this feature is Feather Beta which allows users to enjoy videos on You Tube even if they have very slow internet connection.
         Feather beta feature removes the bytes which restricts the browser speed of streaming video hence unleashes full capacity of browser to allow streaming at rapid rate. To Use This Awesome Feature you may Click here And click on Join the Feather Beta feature.

4. Play Videos In HD Mode

       Friends this is also one of the most useful trick on the You Tube but this is good for you if you have a  good speed internet connection. Yes if your internet connection is fast then my this trick is only for you.
      When you start watching any video on the internet the video starts playing with its default settings I means that its quality is not good it plays with a low quality and that is not a good thing but friends if you want to play all of your searched videos with a high quality when you click on them you need to install a simple option on your browser that is Magic Actions for You Tube. This option is always available for the Mozilla Firefox and also for Google Chrome.

5. Search Accurate Keyword

      Friends as I have said you that the You Tube is the biggest video player on the internet word so when you search your specific searches I mean that search which someone has told you to search. For example when I search new songs You Tube shows many results but they cannot be same as the keywords which I searched on the You Tube so you may also have some problem in finding a thing of your interest on the You Tube and your important time may be waste.
       But now I am going to show you a very important trick which will help you to search the accurate keywords which you have typed in the search bar. You Tube will show you the only results which matches with your searched keywords. So

Let’s Start

1.    Friends when you search for a specific keyword on the You Tube you just need to add     allintitle   at the beginning of your keywords.
2.    For example When I search New songs it gives me results like. All songs, good songs, happy songs but when I search   
                                 allintitle New songs
3.    It gives me only results for new songs not the results with other keywords.
That’s All You Have Done!

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