Control Your PC Via Your Android Phone new method 2016

Control Your PC  Via Your Android Phone new method 2016

      Hello friends today my in this article I am going to tell you how can you control your desktop computer through your smart phone. Sometimes we are in hurry and we forget our some important files on our computer and so what to do now? Now I am showing to show you how can you connect your computer to mobile and can copy, Paste, Delete and everything you can do on your computer  can be done by using your smart phone just follow my simple, clear and east steps then you will be able to do this.

Let’s Start

  1. You need to install chrome remote desktop .apk file in your android device. You can Download this from here.                                                                                                               Download Chrome Remote Desktop

  2. After installing when you click on the chrome remote desktop app it will show you a screen like the one given below.

  3. Now install Chrome  Remote Desktop for this simply first  start your PC and Open Chrome Browser and click bellow link.                                                                                              Chrome Remote Desktop
  4. Now in the new window of Chrome click on “Lanch App” option Like below pic.

  1. Give permission to Chrome Remote Desktop Authorize, click “Continue”button it will open a new window just click on the “Get Start” option. like below pics. 
  2. Now it will open a new page enter your Gmail and Password. Remember use same Gmail for your android phone. OR if you have already sign in your email it will start downloading a file let the file download and run that file and continue.

  3. Now choose a six digit PIN. This six digit PIN is the same PIN which will be required as a access key for pairing up with your PC. Just set a PIN of your desired. 
  4. Now open the Chrome Remote App on your Android and your PIN there now you will find your computer there. Click on your PC icon and you can access your computer now from your Android. 

Every thing is Impossible in my words Impossible means “I” “M” Possible

       That’s all you have done now and now you can use your computer through you android phone friends if you like my this article a little please share it with your friends so that they can also enjoy keep touch with me and keep sharing it with your friends. Friends if you have any problem regarding my this article you can contact me through Facebook and you can also comment on the bottom of my site. 

Thank You


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