Block Remove Ads In Android Games Apps Without Using Ads Blocker

Block Remove Ads In Android Games Apps Without Using Ads Blocker
Block Remove Ads In Android Games Apps Without Using Ads Blocker

Friends Today in my this article I am going to show you how can your Block Remove Ads In Android Games Apps Without Using Ads Blocker.

What Are Ads?
Ads are little links appear in any android or computer game, software, browser and any other application if the form of a picture, an image or a video.

Why Ads Are Shown?
Ads are always shown on those game, software, browser and any other application which are free to use because when someone Developer creates them, he meets some companies such as Google to show ads on his product and earn through that and users enjoy the free application. Google Play store works on this principle.

Why We Want To Remove Ads?
Sometimes ads or shown on those parts of an application which we want to use I mean where we need to tap (Click) for many times but ads irritate us. So we want to remove ads.

Block ads on your own risk if you do any thing wrong with your app or device then we will not held responsible.

Let’s Start

We will block and remove ads on android games and apps by editing the HOSTS file of our device to another code.

What is a “hosts” file?
“HOSTS” file is a plain text file in an operating system (May be android, Windows or any other) to map host names (e.g. to its IP address. When we search for a site on a browser our device first search it on the HOST file of the system if it found the host name it just follows the map made in your device otherwise it sends a query to the Domain Name Server to find the IP address of that host name.

So Let’s Complete it…

  • Open your browser on your computer and click here to get a default host file. Copy all the code and save it on your computer with name “hosts”.

  • Copy the file to your android device.

  • If you have installed the File Manager on your device then follow the next step otherwise install the ES File Explorer File Manager on your device.
  • Now open the file manager in your device and copy the hosts file to /etc or /system/etc (when you will try to access /etc or /system/etc your device many ask you “Super User Permission” if ask then allow that).

            For Clear Under Standing Follow Below Pics

Open The ES File Explorer

    Click On 3 Lines On Left Top
    Select “Local” From Menu And “Device” From Sub Menu
    In “Device” Select “etc” Folder
    In “etc” Folder Select “hosts” file

    • Now rename the hosts file (Original file) extension to .txt and paste the other host file here and Reboot your android device.
    OK, Friends now you can play your favorite games without any problems of ads showing in them. 
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