Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices
Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

Android phone is the most popular phone in the world. One reason for its popularity is the number of Apps which are available for it on the Google Play store. File Manager is one of the important apps for any Android device because without a File Manager your Android device is just like a phone without storage, your phone can store data, image, videos and other media file especially documents on your phone but cannot access easily from one place to view the saved images you have to use Gallery, to play downloaded videos you have to Launch the Video player etc. but if you have File Manger installed on your Android Device then you can access all kind of documents and other media files directly from its storage. That’s why the manufacturers have understood the need of a File Manager for our Android phones and have installed a File Manager, But there is a problem with our default File Manager it has only some basic function such as copy, paste and deletes etc. we cannot do many things such as Analysis the memory and many other things that’s why I have created a list of best and top 5 File Manager Apps for the Android phone.

Best & Top 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

Below is the list of Best and Top five File Manager for Android Phones. I highly recommended you to install one of them.

ES File Explorer

Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

ES File Explorer is the best and top file manager app for android devices, there are many other file managers described below but the ES File Explorer is the best one. With ES File Explorer you can easily access your Cloud Drives such as Google Drive, Sky Drive, and DropBox etc. If your phone is rooted then you can also access the root files further you can also use it to remove root from your phone. You can compress and extract the ZIP and RAR files easily using ES File Explorer. Not only this it has many other tools that’s why I was recommending you this app for your phone.

Features of ES File Explorer

  • Analysis: You can analyze your phone’s storage the results shows you the area of storage occupied by images, video, junk files, cache files, documents and other files in a graphical way.
  • Built-in Extractor and Compressor: There is also the feature of extracting and compressing the ZIP and RAR files, so you do not have the need to extract files to a computer as you can extract your files through your android device.
  • Remote File Manager: This feature makes the ES File Explorer precious your can access your phone and your computer from each other by enabling this feature.
  • Built-in Players: There are many other tools to open various types (Formats) of files which cannot be directly opened on your Android.
  • Free to use: ES File Explorer is free to use except the theme feature. If you want to change the theme of ES File Explorer then you have to pay for premium version.

ASUS File Manager

Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

ASUS File Manager is faster File manager than any other. It is not featured as ES File Manger, however, it is also a good File Manager App for Android phones. You can share files to LAN, move, delete, copy files even you can also edit many another kind of files through your phone. Its interface is very clean and neat.

Features of ASUS File Manager

  • Light & Faster: ASUS File Manager is a lightweight File Manger that’s why it is faster and smoother than any other File Managers.
  • Easy to Share Files: You can easily share files with other computers, LAN, and all the Cloud Storages. Also supports a number of Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Skydrive, DropBox and Microsoft Drive etc.
  • Basic Functions: ASUS File Manager provides all the basic function such as copy, paste, move, delete and edit etc.

    Astro File manager

    Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

    Astro File Manager is a Cloud Storage File Manger. It is basically used for managing the cloud storage accounts. If you have some important data on your device and want to store or transfer that from one cloud storage to another then you can do this very easily it also supports all popular cloud storage sites.

    Features of ASUS File Manager

    • Easy to Manage Cloud Storage Accounts: You can easily manage your cloud storage account using ASUS File Manager .
    • Transfer Files From Cloud Storage: If you are using more than one cloud storage service then you can transfer files from one to another very easily using this File Manager.

    File Manager (File Transfer)

    Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

    File Manager (Explorer) is just another best File Manager for Android devices, it also provides basic features such as copy, paste, cut, move, share, compress, decompress etc. It provides user-friendly features to its users, its interface is also very beautiful and attractive.

    Features of File Manager (Explorer)

    • Views: Provides both list and grid views.
    • Extractor: You can extract & compress any type of file easily.
    • Shortcuts: Easy to create shortcuts of different files present on your SD Card so that you can access them from the Home screen.
    • Many Built-in Tools: Provides many built-in tools such as video player, picture gallery, audio player, editors for text files etc.
    • Remote Connections: You can remotely control your phone from your computer either on LAN or SMB network.
    • Basic Features: Provides the basic features such as copy, paste, cut, move, delete, rename etc.

    File Explorer FX

    Best 5 File Manager Apps For Android Devices

    File Explorer FX is also one of the best file manager apps for android users. It has many built-in features for its users. The best thing which I like its interface yes its interface is eye-catching and attractive. Below are some features of File Manager FX

    Features of File Manger FX

    • Media Players: Provides all kind of players to play all kind of video and audio files.
    • Editor: You can edit your text like experts its editor has many built-in features such as find, cut, copy, write and many other.
    • Image Viewer: This tool has the best image viewer to view your images, the viewer can show all kind of images even some GIF images can be seen.
    • Compressor & Extractors: You can extract a number of formats to the basic using this tool but if you want to compress some files then you can also compress them in .zip, .tgz, .tar.gz, .7z etc.

    Friends this was the list of best and top file managers for android phones. A file manager is a very important app for any type of android device. So you have to select one from the above which you think is best. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends so that they can also understand the power of a file Manager.

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