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AIO downloader is a free app that helps you in different problems. All in one downloader apk helps you getting free lots of apks and games. Apps and games that are not available in your region. You can download them freely using AIO downloader app. AIO Downloader has a vast collection of android apps and games. Letting you easily enjoy any app or game. There are different pre-registered apps or games, you can even download them. AIO downloader has it all that you need.

And for those who are looking for the right app that can help getting hacked/patched apps or games. You can get that too using AIO downloader. But still yet, you are only familiar with the apps/games feature all in one downloader is providing. Not other features that this app has. There are a lot of them, that you may think that how can a single app can give this much features. But aio downloader does. Lets have a look what else this app has for us.

For youtube addicted people, who knows how to sync youtube videos in their smartphone. But they always gets annoyed when the aim to download that video in the smartphone. AIO downloader has a feature “Youtube video downloader”, letting you download any video directly to your storage. So you can watch that video later or at whatever time you want. Another feature that is a pure beauty in AIO downloader is Youtube to Mp3 converter. Which lets you convert your favorite video into Mp3 format. So you can listen to your favorite song in audio format. Or having your favorite video in Mp3 format.

AIO downloader also has a different collection of movies. Movies that you can watch whenever you want. Or even download in your android smartphone. As this app supports almost all android devices. So you don’t need to worry about the android version or device you are using. Just download your desired item in your smartphone. And for all of this you don’t even need to root your device. AIO downloader works superb with rooted devices and works even better with non-rooted devices. The easy interface of it will let you download anything without getting complex. And you can learn the usage of it quickly, whether you are a technical user of android OS or non-technical. You will learn it!

all in one downloader apk

AIO downloader Apk Features:

Get rid of downloading different apps for different tasks. Or Being stuck on a single game or app, the number of positive reviews and satisfied customers of AIO downloader, making this app the best.

Features of AIO downloader Apk:

  • You can download unlimited apps and games
  • AIO downloader is the best tiny app that does so many tasks
  • A lot of features in a single app
  • No Interrupting ads
  • Work fine without rooting the device
  • Video downloader and movies downloader
  • Much more to discover.

AIO Downloader APK File Information:

AIO downloader apk file has the following details, if you want to know that what android version you need, or what is the size of the aio downloader app, is root required for using this app or not. Read the details below:

Support Android Version Android 2.0 and up
App Package com.allinone.downloader
ROOT Required
Offers In-App Purchase Yes

AIO Downloader Apk Details:

App Version 5.0.3
Apk Size 4.4 MB
Content Rating 4.6
Support Android Version Android 2.0 and up
App Package com.allinone.downloader
ROOT Required
Offers In-App Purchase Yes

Now enjoy this all in one downloader app, and do whatever you want to. You can download your desired item in your smartphone without anything that can cause interruption. Have fun downloading videos/music/apps/games/movies.


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