About Us

We humbly welcome you to the About Us page of Tricks VS My Tips.And we are very happy that you are interested in reading about us and our blog.

And we are euphoric that you are interested in reading about us and our blog.

This page is dedicated to us so that you will find all the information about our blog, authors, and administrators.

Tricks VS My Tips is a blog for technology hunger here we publish the tutorial about tech tricks tips hacks and news.

Although we cover all the topics which are related to tech our favorite topic is in the following guides;

  • Facebook Tricks Tips and Hacks
  • Android Tricks Tips and Hacks
  • Windows Tricks Tips and Hacks
  • Mobile Reviews
  • YouTube Tricks
  • WhatsApp tricks tips and hacks
  • and other topics of this kind

Fahad Mirza manages this blog.

Fahad Mirza is the author and administrator of Tricks VS My Tips.

He is a dedicated young guy who is the founder of many websites, and now he is sharing his information and expertise here on this blog.

Not only Fahad Mirza is the author of this blog.

He also hires many paid contributors, as well as many tech geeks, also publish their guest posts here.

If you need further information about us, then you can contact us using our contact us page.