3 Incredible ways to increase Batter Life of Your Android Device

3 Incredible Ways To Increase Batter Life of Your Android Device

3 Incredible ways to increase Batter Life of Your Android Device

Like you, all are aware of the Android phone. This is one of the best operation systems of the world that is the reason it has become the best operating system of the world. There are too many features available in the Android phone and have an extensive range of specification when we go to the market to buy an Android phone there are many kinds of Android phones available with different specifications. One thing which can increase or decrease the price of your favorite phone is the battery life. If you buy an expensive phone, then you may not have a battery problem, but if you are going purchase a phone of regular price than the biggest problem in your phone will be the battery life. There are many factors which depend on the battery life of your Android phone.

So today we are going to read some excellent and working tips to increase the battery life of your Android phone to an incredible level.

Increase The battery life By Taking Some Actions

Here I will give you some tips that you can do with your phone and, belief me; you can follow some simple tips to boost up your phone battery life.

  • Do not exit the app by pressing the Home button. Exit manually by the exit button of your apps.
  • When you have used your phone, and that is free, keep on pressing the home button to open the App Play and remove all the apps from there.
  • Use hand free for media instead of phone speakers.
  • Optimize your phone regularly this reduces the RAM usage and cause the increase in the battery life.
  • Charge you phone when the charging decreases then 25% percent, it has two benefits, one is that it reduces the chances of damaging of battery, the second is that it increases the battery life.
  • While playing, games try to keep the volume low.

Increase The battery life By Reducing The Animation Scales

Animation scales is one of the things which depends on the battery life of your Android phone. There are three types of animation levels of any Android phone these are as follow,

  • Window Animation Scale
  • Transition Animation Scale
  • Animation Duration Scale

These scales use too much power of your Android phone, but there is an excellent thing that you can increase (No one wants) or decrease then according to your wish. So just follow the following steps to reduce the animation scales of your smartphone.

First of all, go to the settings of your Android phone. In the menu look for the “Developers Options” if you can find it then skip this step but if there is no “Developers Option” in your phone settings then go to About Phone and tap on Build Number there until your phone shows you a message “Developers Option Has Been Enabled.”

Now find the animation options there as I have told you about three animation options like this

  • Window Animation Scale
  • Transition Animation Scale
  • Animation Duration Scale

Search for and tap on each option when you will tap it will show you many options by default their value will be 1x just bring it to .5x and if your phone supports to off this, then you can also off this.

Now you have to restart your Android phone’s launcher to do this just once again open the main setting menu. Go to the apps option there select the Launcher app and tap on it.

Now we will just stop the Launcher (Don’t worry it will not do anything dangerous), so just click on the “Force Stop” button. And your launcher will be entirely stopped.

After the above step press the HOME button of your Android and the launcher will be open again, now when you will open any app, it will take less power as well as will give good speed

Increase battery life OF Your Phone Using Apps(Greenify)

Here we are going to use some apps to increase the battery life of our android phone easily. The app which we are going to use is called as Greenify this app is available on the Google Play Store for free and can be used for hibernating your android apps when they are not in use and can reduce too much battery life of your android phone. It is as like to optimize your phone but here you do not need to optimize again and again it will optimize your phone its self.


  • A rooted android phone
  • Greenify installed on your rooted phone. (Download)

Open the Greenify on your rooted android phone. It will ask for the super user permission just grant it.
On the main screen at the right bottom site of the app, you can see a button (Hibernate button) just tap there.
Now enable the Greenify app as your default service. Select it from options and turn it on.

That’s it you have successfully enabled the Greenify app on your android phone and it will reduce too much battery consumption of your phone by closing all the background apps.

So, friends this was all about 3 Incredible ways to increase Batter Life of Your Android Device, By following the methods described above you can decrease the battery consumption of your android phone to an incredible level easily and can enjoy your battery for a long time easily. These 2 methods can also help you to reduce the chances of damage of your battery.

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