20 Best Help Desk Software of 2017

20 Best Help Desk Software of 2017

20 Best Help Desk Software of 2017
20 Best Help Desk Software of 2017

You are probably looking for the best Help Desk Software for your company. I know you are wondering that how I come to know that you are searching the best Help Desk Software, this is simple the reason why you hit my site is.

Well, I will not waste your time as you are the very busy person (because you are looking for the Best Help Desk Software).

Let’s start this but first let me introduce what Help Desk Software is? (I know you may know about this so you can skip this portion but I have to describe this because there is not only you who will read this article about Help Desk Software)

What is  Help Desk Software?

Help Desk Software is a program designed to provide the end users or customers of a company with they information when they are in trouble.
These programs are full of features and are managed by the big team. If you want to read more about Help Desk Software then read our article on What is Help Desk Software?
On the internet, you can find many help desk software but I have chosen out some best and most commonly used Help Desk Software.

20 Best Help Desk Software of 2017

Below we have listed the 20 best Help desk software of 2017.
These Help Desk Software are purified by the number of customers, users, vendor size, demand, facilities, and features.

Sr. # Help Desk Software Customers Users Vendor Size
1. ManageEngine 100,000 750,000 Large
2. UserVoice 100,000 500,000 Small
3. ClickDesk 100,000 500,000 Small
4. Freshdesk 80,000 400,000 Large
5. Zendesk 75,000 375,000 Large
6. Kayako 34,000 238,000 Medium
7. LiveHelpNow 38,400 161,000 Small
8. Bomgar 10,000 250,000 Large
9. Atlassian 37,500 42,700 Large
10. SysAid 13,000 150,000 Medium
11. HEAT Software 15,000 120,000 Large
12. Live Agent 15,600 57,000 Small
13. Connectwise 7,000 100,000 Large
14. Quest 10,000 77,000 Medium
15. RightNow 2,000 50,000 Medium
16. IssueTrak 2,000 100,000 Small
17. TeamSupport 5,100 36,000 Small
18. HelpScout 6,000 36,000 Medium
19. Samanage 700 40,000 Medium
20. Parature 3,000 45,000 Medium

Here is the amazing inforgraphics 
Top Help Desk Software

If you have any queries you can shot me an email or just throw a comment below I will be here within 18 hours.

And, and if I have missed any important Help Desk Software then let me know I will add your suggestion too in this list.


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